Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playing in the Grass

This week we were finally able to enjoy our backyard with a string of really warm days and not much rain. At first Jack had some issues with the grass - he didn't like how it felt on his skin. Something sensory wise was making him all tense. Slowly, he has started to enjoy how it felt. Sitting in it, tearing handfuls of it, and soaking it all in (this is also one of mommy's favorite activities, although a good book should be included in the equation).

I have dreams of Jack being able to just take off and run around the backyard. To play like a little boy his age, zipping from here to there. To run with abandon and go quickly wherever he wants. I can't wait for that day.

For now we're just content to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather. To examine the grass, pine needles, and twigs. To breath in the fresh, mountain air. To smell pine and freshly cut grass. Ahh... this is summer.

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend everyone! We started things off this morning with a trip to our local farmer's market, where we saw so many of our favorite people. Tonight is a community BBQ and tomorrow we head to Butte, Montana for our tradition of catching the fireworks show and the huge parade the morning of the 4th.

Happy Independence Day!

Jackpants waving the flag. Butte, America 4th of July parade, 2010
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Julie said...

As always, Jack is CUTE. Your grass is so green...ours is already drying out because I don't water it enough. Have fun in BUTTE!

Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

I too can't wait for Felix to run wild in nature. What a joyous occasion that will be :)
I can also imagine the hundreds of prickles of grass being a sensory overload! It's a weird feeling for us sometimes.
Keep on smiling Jack!

Lindsay said...

Have fun in good ol' Butte America, and Happy Independence Day!