Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Micro Preemie Lessons

Maybe some of you are like me. I seem to take FOREVER finishing a project. Or heck, even starting one. I have a great idea in my mind. I am inspired by something I see in a magazine or read in a book. I can imagine how something would look or turn out, but I can't even get it together to start. Procrastination? Plain laziness? Or maybe just the busyness of life pushes my little projects to the side?

For whatever the reason, I finally got around to displaying Jack's beautiful photographs taken by Marianne Wiest Photography. These were taken LAST AUGUST. As in August 2010. Yeah, I know. That's almost a year ago. But finally, I printed off the pics at Walgreens, spent a few hours finding frames, and then Jon helped me arrange them. How hard was that?

I just love these pictures. It was amazing, really. Marianne, the photographer, told me that it's best to take photos when the kid is able to sit up. Jack's first birthday came and went in May and still, Jack was not able to sit up independently. The photo shoot was scheduled for August. I prayed that he would gain the skills and trunk strength to be able to sit up. These pics were going to be a surprise for Jon's birthday. Jack just had to sit up! 

The day finally arrived and seriously folks, Jack sat up for the first time during the photo shoot! I was blown away. It was one of those God-moments when I had to step back and marvel at His timing.

This picture below is when Jack actually sat up for the first time. We always seem to catch "firsts" in our photographs.

Unlike me, Jack is a workhorse. Jack strives, struggles, toils, and tries his best to reach each milestone. Even getting across the room is super hard for Jack. It takes him forever to accomplish even the smallest of things, not because he is being lazy or can't make a simple decision, it's because he is constantly working, constantly trying to rewire his brain to accomplish the basics. He is not lazy and he doesn't procrastinate. He is extremely patient. And wow, I can learn so much from this kid.

Jack likes to hang out in the kitchen with his daddy.

Even though Jack learned to sit last August, it took nine additional months for him to learn how to get from being on his back up to the seated position. Yep, nine months.

There's a lesson in patience.

Come on, Jack. You can do it!

Oh these lessons. They are invaluable.

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Debbie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. It really touched my heart today.

Michelle said...

Just beautiful - both the pictures and your post. Raising micro-preemies is the hardest and most wonderful gift. They do have to work so hard to accomplish everything. Jack is adorable!

Brandi, Dylan and Addison said...

What a beautiful collage. Those pictures are amazing. How wonderful that they captured such a big milestone for Jack!

Shannon said...

The pictures are stunning - both in the collage and yours! Jack is adorable as always. And can I say - your floors are soooo shiny - put mine to shame, that's for sure!

Julie said...

I love how pleased he looks when he is sitting up for the first time. Adorable. And the picture collage is great!