Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Weekend (part 3)

: memories and photos of our weekend :

There is something so classic American about July 4th and parades.There's nothing like waving your little American flag while community floats go by. We made sure to dress Jack appropriately for the Butte parade - both for the holiday and his cute Superman self.


Cute little shorts!

We grabbed ourselves a spot and waited for the festivities to begin. 

Looks like something's coming down the road.

If you haven't been to a parade in awhile, let me remind you - very, very loud. Lots of honking and sirens going off.

Daddy? What's all this racket?

It's the 4th of July parade, Jackpants!

We saw lots of fun things.


Did you have a good time, Jack?


So much so, that when we came home, Jack discovered (finally!) that he could get into all sorts of trouble by getting into the cupboards. He's never been interested, so we never had to baby proof it. Seems Jack took extra long to find that there are treasures hidden all over the place.

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Shannon said...

Looks like a blast and isn't it so wonderful when our kiddos do "normal" stuff!! Way to go straight for the Cascade, Jack!!

Rebekah said...

Great Superman 4th of July outfit! I do not know how you find them all. You are super cute in your sun hat. So glad you had a good time even though you are allergic to Butte ;)