Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend (part 2)

: memories and photos of our weekend :

There are just some outfits that you put on your child and fall in love all over again. That is what happened on Sunday morning when I busted out a Macy's clearance find for Jack. It was the perfect little seersucker white suit, with hints of baby blue. Little shorts, white shirt, little Jack-sized vest.


And check out the black and white action! Can't you just see Jack in the early 1900's, wearing his summer best to church?

My boys

Sunday morning we got to have my parents in town for a few hours. Grams had to get a phone pic of Jack in his new suit and glasses.

Still only wearing his glasses for about five minutes. We'll keep trying...

It was also my father's birthday. We went to church, then out to lunch, then home for presents. Happy Birthday, dad!

After a quick change into a shirt from Auntie Kay, we said our goodbyes and headed to Butte, Montana for their 4th of July festivities.

Here we are grabbing dinner in Butte. One of Jack's favorite words is pizza... even though he doesn't eat it. We try to convince him of how yummy it is. I can't wait for the day when Jack takes his first bite!

We had a long night ahead, so we tried to rest up before we made our way to the fireworks show. Well... some of us rested.

We heard from the locals that one of the best places to catch the show is on the hospital lawn. We got there and had some time to practise walking.

And then watched the sunset.

Happy parents!


Family shot

Daddy? When's this show going to start anyway?

It's getting dark... I think I see something!

Ahh there we go...

Jack proceeded to watch about five minutes of the show, then fell asleep. The end.
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Julie said...

1. I see you put some pictures up on your wall! I LIKE!

2. That suit is beyond words.

3. Did you, by any chance, eat at Silverbow Pizza?

4. Hospital lawn is where it's at. :)

5. I can't believe he fell asleep with all of the racket. Good work Jack!

Rebekah said...

The suit is to cute! He is such a little gentleman. You look gorgous in these pictures.

Babs said...

Great post and pix! Jack looks very handsome in his suit and glasses!!