Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Things I Love About You

Inspired by Not Even A Bag of Sugar, here is my list of 10 things I love about my little one.

1) I love your sweet little giggle. Sometimes you do it just to get my attention. I could be working on something and I hear this little, barely audible chuckle. I look and you are just beaming, big ole' smile on your face, a ripple of a giggle escaping your mouth. All you want is me to look over at you.

2) I love your sweet shoulder kisses. Although these are happening less and less often, I love when you go in for a kiss and then sneak it past me to my shoulder. Love.

3) I love the way you sing out at the top of your lungs "eee i eee i" and make me finish with "oh".

4) I love the way you light up when daddy walks through the door, often with a big scream of happiness.

5) I love when we are eating something yummy, you say "mmmm" and lick your lips.

6) I love that your favorite thing in the world is books. You almost have one totally memorized! There is no toy that compares. For you, it's all about the books.

7) I love your determination. You work so very hard to be able to move. You inspire me.

8) I love watching you play each morning, while I sip on my chai. You have your routine. You take each and every single toy out of each toy box. And you inspect each one, often chucking those you don't care for over your shoulder.

9) I love your passion. When you are mad, you are MAD. When you are happy, there is no one happier.

10) I love how you have changed my life.

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Lindsay said...

What a great list of loves!

Shannon said...

Tears.....I LOVE this post!!

Becky Pasquarello said...

I loved this post! So sweet! Each one literally brought tears to my eyes :)

Julie said...

beautiful, Jessi and I LOVE the picture of Jack at the end. What an amazing little guy he is!

Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

Beautiful, what a lovely choice. I bet you could have a top 100 of things you love about him. He's such a handsome, happy boy.

Kylie said...

Gorgeous post, he's so adorable!

Babs said...

Lovely. What a great list and an amazing little guy...and momma!

Brandi, Dylan and Addison said...

So sweet. You are such an amazing mother.