Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There's a First Time for Everything

Jack has always been a great sleeper. He has easily napped and has basically slept through the whole night since birth. He was never one to wake up to be fed. When we left the NICU, we had to wake him up every three hours to try to get him to eat. And I always felt horrible about it. Who wants to be woken up in the middle of the night? Don't they always say "let sleeping babies lie?" But that's how things were around here for at least the first three months of Jack being home. Then we eventually scaled down the night feeds to where he was able to peacefully sleep through the night.

There's only been one problem. His sleep has never been in his own beautiful crib, the one that I spent hours researching for online, finding what we liked the best. 

When we first got home, Jack slept in his bassinet right by our bed, hooked up to his oxygen and monitors.

But since then, we have co-slept. Of course we know this is not ideal, but Jack has always been a choking risk. We had to be with him through the whole night so he wouldn't aspirate. It's just one of those things that go along with tube feeding.

But things are looking a little different around here. Since Jack is eating about 90% of his calories orally now (WOOHOO!!!!), I decided to give something a try today.

Here is Jack's room that was beautifully decorated for us while we were 150 miles away in the NICU. Even two years later, I still love every thing about it.

And here is Jack. Taking his first nap in his crib (as I type). At two whole years old. A big boy, but still my baby.

There's a first time for everything. 
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Julie said...

Man, he is just knocking down the milestones and firsts this month, isn't he???

He looks so comfy.

Holly said...

Cannot believe how many firsts he's had lately... And 90% of his calories... Wow! So happy for you guys!

Brandi, Dylan and Addison said...

He sure has had a big few weeks!! We are so proud of him and so happy for all of you!

Shannon said...

That gives me goosebumps! Amazing what he has done these past few weeks!

Emily Real said...

First of all, 90% of his calories orally?!?!! Wahooo! Secondly, celebrating with you from down here, my friend. What a beautiful sight to see Jack in his bed...and it looks like it was without a fight...? :)

Katie Fleming said...

I'm sure you've been told this before, but you really should write a book about your experience with Jack! You have such a way of writing... I think it would be a bestseller!! People need encouragement out there... even those of us without micro preemies are encouraged by God's love and grace on your family:-) Thanks for sharing!

Jessi said...

Thanks, Katie! That is really nice of you to say. I'm encouraged by you :)

Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

Jack is adorable and his room is beautiful too!

I agree with Katie, your blog has helped me and my family a lot. Write a book! Just make sure I can get a copy in England :)

Love the new profile picture too by the way.

Sarah Pope said...

I love love love your new header pic of Jack!! So beautiful! Yay for Jack sleeping in his crib! Yay for so many 'firsts'! So happy for you guys!

Lindsay said...

Aww, I love the pic of Jack napping in his crib. So exciting! :)