Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super Jack

There's a special picture in our family. It shows a young boy wearing a Superman cape, walking with his father down the road. I have seen this picture in my father-in-law's office and on my husband's desk for years and it received a special place in Jack's nursery when he came home from the NICU.

You see, Jack has always been our little Superman.

When Jack was just a couple of days old and we didn't know how long he would survive, he was given a Superman cape that we put in his incubator. This cape was the same one that Jon wore playing as a child. We wanted to show everyone in the NICU that we thought our son was strong and that we were his biggest fans. Plus it made the perfect little micro preemie blanket and shielded Jack's eyes from that bright biliruben lamp.

Those who have been following this blog will remember that on Father's Day 2009, Jon got to hold Super Jack as his present. The nurses surprised us by decorating Jack's incubator with Superman decals and even put a big ole' sticker on Jack's chest for a photo shoot.

And then when we finally made it home from the NICU, my girlfriend's threw me a Superman themed baby shower.

For Jack's 1st birthday, of course we had to have a Super Jack theme.

This year we decided to do a little re-creation of the son and dad walking picture that sits in Jack's room. Here is Jack, walking with daddy, wearing the same cape that was in his NICU incubator.

Today we gave this picture to Grandpa Bennion. We are so proud of our strong Super Jack.

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Lindsay said...

Superjack! I love the pics of him wearing the cape. :)

Anonymous said...

That picture is so cute! What a perfect fathers day present. I have no doubt that picture made my dad cry. -lizzy

Julie said...

Love it. What a great present! And yet another reminder of just how far you've see him walking down the road holding Jon's hand...truly amazing!

Lauren said...

LOVE! Love you, Jessi! Such an amazing picture!

Rebekah said...

Crying tears of joy and amazement of what God can do! He is all of our Superman Jack!

Shannon said...

This is one of the most incredible posts I've read in a long time - so touching! Jack IS truly a super hero!

Sarah Pope said...

This is so sweet. I LOVE reading your blog. Your posts are so beautiful. I'd love to see the original picture with the new picture...
Jack is truly as SUPER as they come!

Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

Super Jack! I love the picture of him in the incubator. So cute.
Lovely post Jess, thanks for sharing.


Nik, Lindsay and Pierce Franks said...


This is so sweet. I love this story!