Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Lovin'

We're spending some time away, on the road. It feels like summertime in Montana has finally arrived and nothing says summer more than a road trip. We hopped in the car for a four hour drive to my in-laws home. On the way we stopped at a fun, throw back to the 50's, drive-in.

And I'm cherishing all these moments.

Since we arrived, Jack has spent lots of hours exploring the house.

And seeing some of his cousins.

I love that they can play with Jack now and hold him.

And Jack is loving every minute with Grandma Bennion.

And watching movies in the theater room.

Today, in honor of the first official day of summer, the weather decided to hit the 80's, which meant ... sunscreen!

Jack wasn't too thrilled.

But once we were off to the park, Jack was in heaven.

Bye, Grams! Goin' to the park!

Loving those blue, blue skies.

ahhh...the swing!

Hello, Summer. It's been too long.

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Julie said...

He looks so happy! And I would be happy in the theater room too! :) Have a fun week!

Emily Real said...

Jessi, I can't get over it: you have the cutest kid EVER! AHH! I absolutely love the ones of you and him cherishing the moment and the sunscreen ones cracked me up! :)

Lindsay said...

Today was an absolutely beautiful day for a trip to the park!