Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playdates, Pudding, and Possibly the Cutest Shirt Ever

This week we decided it was time to finally let Jack have his first real play dates with his little friends. Sure, we have taken him to the park and to the occasional backyard get together, but we've never really let him play with kids and their toys. It has always been a micro preemie no-no... especially during RSV/cold and flu season. Kids with chronic lung disease just have to be super vigilant.

Since we no longer have a bubble boy (or bubble mommy), we let Jack play to his hearts content. Yesterday we went over to a friend's house and Jack walked, with my help, right up to the kids. At first he was content just watching the kids play, walking up and down the sidewalk. But when rain drops started to fall and we moved inside, Jack found some toys to play with and even got to be the part of patient while his friend did a full doctor check-up. Diagnosis: healthy! Jack probably thought "hey?!... this seems familiar... "

The kids were so happy to have Jack over. My friend's boy, a little older than Jack, kept on hugging and kissing him, saying "Baby Jack! Baby Jack!" Those kids have prayed for Jack since birth and he will always be known as Baby Jack to them.

Today, Jack got his second chance at a play date with a sweet girl who is right around his age. He dove in further, playing with toys and even giving out kisses! It is so much fun to watch his little personality develop as he gets more social interaction. And I am thankful for friends that invite us over to their homes and understand just how far Jack has come. It is fun, plain and simple, to celebrate with them over his growth and new found mobility.

I'm always asked how Jack is doing with eating. It is very slow going, but it feels so good to say that he's doing really, really well. Just yesterday he ate more of a Cheeto than I have ever seen before. He is slowly dealing with swallowing texture. The majority of what he eats is still pureed foods. He doesn't drink yet.

For breakfast the past couple of days, all he has wanted is chocolate pudding. And you know what? That's fine with me. I am just so happy that he wants to eat! He can have all the pudding he wants. He has also done well this past week with ground up pasta and avocados... which is so much more fun than opening up a tray of baby food. Messier to clean up, though!

I feel like Jack's development over the past few weeks has sped up, almost conquering new things each day. He is crossing things off his list with lightning speed. I have a feeling this will be a summer of firsts.

P.S. Thanks to my dear friend, Emily, for making this shirt. I LOVE it (and Montana, too)!!!!
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Julie said...

Love the new banner and LOVE this photo. He is devastatingly handsome. :) What a cute shirt!!

Sad we can't be there for playdates....soon!

Jenny said...

Great update and what a CUTE man you have there!! Pudding it is -- perfect! I will buy that shirt from Emily if she wants to make another one -- adorable!!

Sarah said...

Hi Jessi! I'm glad you found my blog. We've only been navigating preemieland a little longer than you have. The similarities (at a quick glance) are slightly eerie... love the Golden Retriever :)

Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

Hey Jack - I bet your Mum and Dad were so happy to watch you play with your friends. This little story of yours made me nearly cry. You've come such a long way and now your ready to show your lovely personality amongst all your friends! What an amazing step forward.
Rob -
PS - what a very handsome shirt you have.

Rebekah said...

We love our Baby Jack! He can come play any day that he wants too.

Ned Bandit said...

How Jack has grown! :)

Olga in Seattle said...

so great to hear all the good news!!! we also had the bubble-land fun of chronic lung disease (i never knew how many people sneezed into their hands and then got grocery shopping carts...!). btw, once we weaned the development, especially language, just skyrocketed. will look forward to more news!
cheers from seattle
- Olga