Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home (and a peek at our last Seattle day)

We've been home from Seattle just a couple of days now. Jack has continued eating, but yesterday we could tell he was all out of sorts. We were warned this may happen. Whenever I put Jack in his high chair to eat, he would throw a fit. Before the wean in Seattle, Jack never sat in a high chair at home to eat because he was tube fed. We did that in a toddler rocker, so he could watch his shows and stay still to allow the formula to go through the tube.

Now we have a new schedule, a new routine. We feed Jack five times a day and we try to keep a tight schedule to allow his tummy at least a couple hours in between to digest and get hungry again. Then trying to squeeze in a nap and allow Jack enough play time and to get rid of energy through exercise... well, he was not having any of it yesterday. Lots of tantrums and tears... I haven't blogged much about Jack's deep desire to be moving AT ALL TIMES. We are really thankful for this, but it requires one of us to help him. Jack just can't run off and go play. He needs us for balance and coordination. So we're trying to find a new balance while being home. I'm sure it will all fall into place once we get the hang of it.

But the good news is Jack continues to eat. Some meals are better than others. Sometimes he eats nothing, other times I wonder how much his little tummy can hold! We have a very busy summer ahead. We will be on the road quite a bit. It is going to be so much fun!

Before I leave our Seattle weaning journey, I wanted to post some pics of our last day in the city. My mom flew in for a quick trip and to watch Jack so we could go to a U2 concert. That morning, we all went to Pike Place Market. You can't go to Seattle without hitting up the market.

I was so impressed with how Jack did at the market. It was seriously the most crowded I have ever seen it. There was a Mariner's game AND a U2 concert on the same day... seemed like every tourist in town came to the market. I just imagined how Jack was doing sensory wise. Coming from 8 months of RSV isolation, into the throngs of people on a busy Saturday morning. He just took it all in.

One thing you have to do in Pike Place is visit the very first Starbucks. The line out the door was pretty long by the time we got there, so we took turns standing in line. And a nice lady offered to take our picture.

Jack went and listened to the famous Seattle street musicians.

Then we had to get a treat to enjoy with our Starbucks coffee.

Here's Jack in front of the iconic market sign.

I love my mom. So thankful for her... that she would just hop on a plane to see us for a bit really meant a lot.

Flowers, seafood and produce...

The most amazing, crisp, clear blue skies. We could see every mountain surrounding the city. The best weather I can remember in Seattle.

Jack got a cream puff break. Who doesn't like a cream puff?

Until next time, Seattle...

P.S. Daria of An Unexpected Path blogged about Jack and his tube weaning success. Check it out! Thank you, Daria, for all your support!
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Julie said...

Love all the photos! I am so glad you got such a beautiful day! And I especially love the picture of you and Jon - you look so happy.

I am sorry you've had a cranky kiddo - even though you were warned and you know why, it still makes for a challenging day for you!

Kylie's momma said...

GREAT pix Jessi! Again you have such an eye! LOVE Jack smiling in front on of the market. What spectacular weather!!! Hang in there on those ups and downs! HUGS!

Jenny said...

Great to catch up, Jessi -- what wonderful news about Jack's eating!!!! Heath was all out of sorts for a couple weeks to a month. Big variations in intake. Glad you enjoyed Seattle - we are there now for appts and family. Look forward to following along as Jack eats more and more!! Great job!!!

Babs said...

Ah! I am luuurving your photos!!

Shannon said...

The photos are beautiful! Welcome home and I hope Jack continues to have great success!

Carmen Reynolds said...

Jessi, thank you for sharing Jack's journey. I appreciate your information and your candor. The post earlier in which Jack drank from the Starbuck's cup was divine inspiration. I've struggled to find a cup that Gabe will drink from. I found one with a lid/spout similar to the coffee to-go cup and he drinks well from it (without the valve). Thank you and good luck with the feeding.

Carmen Reynolds

Susana said...

I must say I love your pictures.

Lindsay said...

Great pics! You're an excellent photographer, Jessi. Is this a new hobby, or have you been good for a long time (and I just didn't know it)? Well, either way...I love that you've added more pics to your posts the past few months. :)

Jessi said...

New hobby... just learning to shoot in manual.