Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Job, Daddy!

Jack found his new favorite toy last week...

Grandma Bennion's beautiful piano.


Jack loved spending the whole week in Billings, Montana (so did we!).

We relaxed, shopped, ate good food, and worked on walking. Jack is seriously about to take off!

If you notice anything about these pictures, it's probably Jack's crazy mop-head of hair. Since he got that first "haircut" in the NICU for his shunt surgery, Jack's hair has grown in long and fast. When we got home yesterday from Billings, we decided he needed something much more appropriate for the hot summer days. Enter in Jack's third haircut since birth - the super short style, done by daddy.

Good job, huh? I'm super impressed by Jon's shearing skills. He is now open for business. Cash must be paid upfront. No refunds.

There's just something about haircuts and how they make our babies look like big kids.

I can't stop rubbing his head now. I love it so much!

In other news, Jack gained another five ounces since we last weighed him. He is eating more and doing it SO much faster. It is absolutely crazy to be able to feed him in five minutes flat. Coming from hours of tube feeding, this is definitely a new, much appreciated territory. He is still struggling with texture and drinking, but we see small improvements, so the plan is to just keep at what we're doing... enjoying summer along the way. If the weather is nice this week, we may even bust out the kiddie pool. Can't wait to see what Jackpants will do with that!
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Rebekah said...

Love the new hair cut! Jack looks so grown up!

Julie said...

He looks like such a little boy, especially in the polo shirt. Nice work, Jon.

Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

Very handsome Jack, you reminded me I need to get my hair cut too. Little Felix has had half of his hair shaved off. Might shave the other half to even it out!