Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a Day for a Birthday

May 15, 2009 - spent the day being rushed to the hospital, waiting for a diagnosis, being life-flighted to Missoula, having an emergency c-section, and meeting our 1lb. 2 oz. boy... not knowing if he would survive the night.

May 15, 2011 - what a difference. We spend our day celebrating. Starting off with our church saying a big "happy 2nd birthday!" with a round of applause for our miracle boy. Then some exercise time for Jack in his walker in those big church hallways. Then lunch out in which Jack actually took a couple bites. Then home for cupcakes (more licks and bites!) and lots of presents. After naptime, catching some rays in the backyard with Daisy Sue. Now playing with new toys. What a day.

It's hard to wrap my brain around the emotions I am feeling. I remember last year on Jack's first birthday, the intense bittersweet emotions I had.  How I was still working through the devastation of our experience. This year just feels different. More healing. More life and joy. We have made it so far and can see the progress that Jack is making. Each day we understand, even more, the odds he is beating. We understand difficulty and that we can, with each other, family, and God, survive. And not only survive, but live such a full and meaningful life.

Most of all, we understand what a gift Jack is. How he touches people's lives, even those he has never met. We are better and happier because of him. We hope to be able to tell his story to many, many more people in our lifetime. We can't wait to see the things he will accomplish.

We threw a big ole' party for Jack's first birthday, so this year we decided to keep things more intimate. On Friday Jack and I took some cake pops to his playdate and he even got to open a big present!

Go for it, Jackpants!
Jack's cute buddies:

And their beautiful mommys:

Jack was having the best time. He FINALLY got to go down a slide for the first time because we were in our friend's backyard. This germaphobe momma hadn't let him because I didn't want to have to bust out sanitizing wipes and wipe down whole park slides. He just loved it.

Jack also spent a lot of time just chillin', taking it all in.

Then I caught the sweetest thing.

Kisses from a big brother. Aww!

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Everyone broke out the sunscreen and hats.

And some of the kids played dress up.

She was pretty pleased with her look. I see a career in fashion design.

A great playdate!

For today's birthday celebration I baked some cupcakes knowing that Jack would probably enjoy the frosting... who doesn't?!

Extra frosting for Jack.

Cheeks and Grams were here.

And Jack got to read his birthday book. Then it was time to eat and open presents!

Eat Jack, eat!

Here Jack is opening up his presents from my friend, Julie. She blogged "Thinking About Jack" today.

Thanks Julie! The other hit of the day was the little train Jack got.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jackpants!

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Lindsay said...

Great pics of Jack's 2nd birthday! The cupcakes look so yummy (yay for sprinkles!), and I love the expressions on Jack's face as he's opening his gifts. You're such a good photographer, Jessi.

Babs said...

Happy, happy birthday Jackpants!!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! What a wonderful day and beautiful pictures as always! It's great to see him enjoying the cupcakes.

Julie said...

I wanted to comment on so many of these pictures...but I think my favorite was the one of Cheeks and Gram surrounding Jack in his highchair - such a loved little boy! And I am bummed we missed the playdate! :) We'll be there for #3!

PS - my word verification was "stench" - thought they were supposed to be nonsense words????

Kim Pace said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!!! I love the pictures!

Sarah Pope said...

Awww...what a sweet birthday! You have such a handsome man. He looks like he had a great birthday. I love hearing from people who are further down the road of the 'preemie journey' than we are. Gives me such hope to read that this birthday was much less emotional than the last. Congrats to YOU on the two year mark!