Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Under the Weather

Last night as we were driving to the ER to get Jack's cold checked, I thought to myself  "well, this is just life with Jack." No matter what kind of plans we make, or how well we try to execute them, life gets in the way sometimes. And with Jack, we just don't take chances - especially with preemie lungs. So off we went at 11:00 pm to get to the bottom of Jack's worsening cough. One quick look in Jack's ears determined a double ear infection, something we have to take very seriously, so it doesn't spread.

So we're in a tricky spot, because we have a big ole' trip planned for tomorrow. We are in the wait and see mode. Right now, Jack is napping in my arms and I'm able to type this update. He's actually still in quite a good mood, despite having a sore throat and rough time sleeping.

We've spent lots of time watching Elmo and Baby Einstein and of course, reading lots of books.

And getting lots of snuggles from daddy.

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Lisa said...

Glad the docs were able to figure out what was going on! Praying for a quick response to the medicines!

Julie said...

OH no! Praying for Jack to make a great and quick recovery and for you guys to know what to do! It is also miraculous that that is his first late night ER trip - he's almost 2!!

Brandi, Dylan & Addison said...

Poor little man. I am praying he is feeling better. Ear infections are so horrible for our little ones. Addi has had two and both times within 24 hours of taking the first dose of antibiotics she was back to her old crazy self! I hope the same for Jack. Beautiful pics, BTW. I love black and white.

Emily Real said...

Look at that gorgeous second picture! I LOVE sleepy, smiley Jack! What a trooper, doesn't look sick at all. Enjoy the cuddles and I'll pray for Jackman as well as wisdom in the "wait and see" decisions!

Shannon said...

Oh no! I sure hope it clears quickly and your trip goes off without a hitch!