Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seattle Weekend

Jack is doing really well. He is continuing to eat and show his interest in food. He is eating purees like a champ. His favorite is bananas mixed with peanut butter, which makes us so happy because there's a TON of calories in peanut butter. His appetite doesn't show up until around 11 each morning, which is somewhat disconcerting. By that time, he hasn't had anything in his belly for over 13ish hours. That is a long time for a two year old, so we are watching that closely.

Jack is less cautious with food in general. He used to inspect each and every bit of food that we put in front of him. Now he just sticks it straight into his mouth. This morning at brunch Jack really, really wanted Jon's bacon, so we let him try it. He was so mad when we pulled it away. We knew he couldn't handle swallowing it. He SCREAMED at the top of his lungs in the restaurant. Good thing it was a busy Sunday morning! We always feels so bad when we see Jack looking at our food, mouth watering. We know he can't handle much texture yet and would most likely gag if he got it on the back of his tongue. It is ok for that to happen in a controlled setting, but at a restaurant, we try to keep things fun and enjoyable for Jack.

We are starting to incorporate gentle pressure to Jack's lips with a therapy technique. We take a washcloth and press on his lips saying "1, 2, 3, 4, 5", sometimes singing it. We are working our way to being able to brush Jack's teeth which is so important now that he is eating orally. We want him to become familiar with us doing stuff near and in his mouth. So far, so good.

Since Jack isn't doing therapy this weekend at Seattle Children's, we have had a couple of fun days exploring the city. We started Saturday morning off at the University District farmer's market.

Then Jack did some people watching at a coffee shop. GREAT people watching in Seattle. And Jack has a new fascination with cars, so he watched the loud cars drive by, too.

We've gotten a lot of good recommendations for restaurants to try here (that post will be coming later) and we normally spend a bit of time either in a line or waiting to be seated. Jack takes it all in stride.

But The Hand has been making frequent appearances...

Drink Jack, drink!!!

Lots of playtime in the Seattle sunshine.

And snuggling after naps.

Some dear friends and my favorite cousin live in Seattle. We met up for dinner last night at a great seafood place with amazing views of the water.

It was so nice to relax and unwind with long-time friends. Something so familiar and easy about it. Good for the soul.

I had to get some shots of Chet and Brianne.

Love them!

And ocean wildlife.

Cousin Josh!

Family shot

We got to watch the most amazing sunset.

This morning I woke up to these beauties by my bedside and a sweet card and gift certificate for a massage from my husband. We've been married seven incredible years and spent the whole day celebrating.

We went to brunch and then to another farmer's market.

And Jack wore his "CHOMP" shirt from Julie. Pray that our boy just starts chomping his food!

And look who's getting better at balance!

Lovin' this boy and so grateful to be in Seattle.

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Julie said...

Yay for the CHOMP shirt - looks so good with his baby blues. Love all of the pictures and glad you are having a good time! And having good weather!

Keep CHOMPing Jack!

Blalock said...

Love this post and the pictures with the Owings and Josh. :-) I'm glad you've had time to make such happy memories while you are there. Keep eating Jack, we are praying for you!!!!

Nik, Lindsay and Pierce Franks said...

Yay Jack! I'm so happy to hear that he's really starting to enjoy food. Before you know it, he will be chowing down on a big plate of bacon- such a boy thing! We are continuing to pray for you guys as you finish up your time in Seattle.

Rebekah said...

Yummy bananas and peanut butter! Keep it up Jack man!

Theresa said...

I just love hearing about your journey with Jack and your time in Seattle. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. Love and prayers your way!

Chet and Brianne said...

Loved seeing your pictures of your Seattle weekend! We felt so blessed to get to have dinner with you guys and Josh... it was such a perfect evening to be down there and it was really fun to catch up with you guys and to see Mr. Jack! He is the most precious little man and absolutely amazing in every way. I wish that we had the chance to see you all more often! Praying that he continues to make great strides this coming week and you continue to have a wonderful time in Seattle!

Jenny said...

Gorgeous photos, gorgeous family, and AMAZING boy!!! So happy you are living it up out there (haha) and to see Jack's inner eater coming to life. I wanted to share something you might already be doing, just in case it helps..... With bacon and other challenging textures, I would often chew it up for him African-mama style and place the chewed food in Heath's mouth. Used to chew it up a lot, now just a little. Gross, but I still do it surreptitiously in restaurants and it totally works!