Monday, May 16, 2011

New York: Day 3, Continued

After our morning in Central Park, we were excited to walk to our lunch destination, the Shake Shack.

This place was already busy by 11:30, with a line out the door. We had heard so much about this burger joint and it did not disappoint.

Jon's double cheeseburger.

Yes, it was that amazing.

After lunch, as we were sitting on a park bench, we looked up and walking down the sidewalk came Jon's cousin. Yes. Seriously. Out of 8 million or so people, we run into Jon's cousin and his family in New York City. Crazy!

Then we went on a neighborhood stroll. This area, called the Upper West Side, has pretty much the most amazing homes.

And I want to live right here.

By this time, we had to make it back for our matinee performance of Rain - a tribute to the Beatles on Broadway. It was a lot of fun.

Hanging out after the show.

Then we headed to Tolache for a Mexican dinner. It was right by our evening show and the food was really good, especially for being in the theater district.

Before our evening show, we got some group shots.

Here's the Bennion family with all the siblings:

And then one with the spouses:

What a great group of people! We were having such a fun time together.
We saw Wicked for our evening show, which is probably the most popular musical right now. Again, I was just blown away by their voices and talent.

After the show, our night did not end. We made our way to Cafe Wha?  in a decked out 80's limo. Let me explain - when you walk out of most NYC shows, there are a ton of limos and town cars to rent for the evening and it's often cheaper than taking a cab, especially for a large group.

Sweet action shots inside the limo!

Cafe Wha? is located in the West Village and has live music every night.

This was another great place for people watching with a diverse crowd.

By 2am we had to call it a night knowing we still had one full day of exploring the city left.

Gotta catch a cab.

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Babs said...

Love the pictures! Did anyone want to smash your camera?! ;)

Julie said...

Looks like a fun day. I think I'd want to live in that neighborhood for about a week and then I'd feel claustrophobic! And I'd probably get really fat living in NYC. :)

Jessi said...

Ha yes, I was the annoying camera girl. And Julie, you would be walking everywhere to burn off all those calories :) Actually, I hardly saw overweight people in the city... always moving!