Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New York: Day 2

On Friday morning we made our way across the street to breakfast. We went to Juniors, famous for their cheesecakes and desserts.

Then we headed over to get tickets and catch our tour bus.

Checking out the map -  where we would go and when we would get off.

And waiting in line.

Then we were off!

We went by the Empire State Building

And saw a lot of cool architecture, Wall Street, Ground Zero, and unique New York neighborhoods.

Did I mention it was about 70 degrees the whole time we were there? The weather was perfect.

Some of us got off at Battery Park and walked down to the World Trade Center construction area, then went to the Statue of Liberty. Jon, Erin, David and I got off in a quiet neighborhood, to head to lunch at Caracas Arepas Bar.

Arepas are a Venezuelan street food - a golden, crispy corn cake-like shell filled with different veggies and meats. They were SO good.

I loved the look of this tiny restaurant.

After lunch, we walked a bit of the neighborhood.

And then caught the bus back to Times Square. For dinner we all ate at John's Pizzeria, a coal-fired brick oven pizza joint. Thin, chewy pizza crust perfection.

The restaurant was an old renovated church and had the most beautiful stained glass ceiling.

After dinner we all headed over to our first Broadway show of the trip - Jersey Boys. The show focused on Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons... their rise to fame, all their hit songs, and how they sold 175 million records all before the age of 30. It was really, really good.

After the show we hit up the Halal Food Cart for a late night snack. I didn't take my camera with me, but good times were had by all.

Up next... Day 3 starting off with Central Park!
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Liz said...

I love all of the pictures! It's fun to relive that day all over again. The picture of mom and dad on the bus is such a good one of both of them. Sam is having such a fun time looking at all of the pictures of everyone.

Lindsay said...

You have some really great architectural pictures! And, I know this is silly, but what nail polish are you wearing?!? (in the ice cream cone pic). Love it. ;)

Jessi said...

Some cheapo brand - dark gray, the kind that dries really fast. It's ok, but chips off really fast.