Friday, May 27, 2011

Mail Day

Jack got spoiled today by both Grandmas. He was so excited to open his mail!

A bib big enough for Jack and all his food flinging. Perfect!

Jack's favorite - the paper.

And of course, books.

Thank you to the best Grandmas ever!

Quick Feeding Update:

Jack continues to increase the volume he eats at each meal. He is also swallowing bigger crumbs, although still gagging and occasionally vomitting. All in all, he is doing much better than expected and staying healthy. We thought he might just not eat at all this first week, something we hear is quite common. But he is proving us wrong! We now have a three day break from out-patient therapy. We want Jack to just wow the therapist when we return on Tuesday. Our beautiful boy is doing great!

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Julie said...

Yay for wonderful grandmas! Glad to hear he is doing so great!

And haha, my word verification is:



Rebekah said...

Grandmas are the BEST!! Keep it up Jack Man!

Sarah Pope said...

Nothing like getting mail! So happy things are going well.