Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello Seattle

We made it to Seattle early this evening and have since been settling at the Ronald McDonald House. Yep, we got in! We were a little worried because yesterday morning someone left a voice mail saying that the house was full. Then in the afternoon, I picked up the phone to hear the news that someone decided to have a late check out! I have to say though that three different friends of ours offered their homes to us in case Ronnie McD didn't have any openings. We felt so loved!

So we're here. It's hard to wrap my brain around that fact because we have been planning this trip since Jack got his g-tube almost a year ago. Jack is getting tube-fed as I type. He only got around 10 ounces of formula through his tube today, the rest was up to him. Tomorrow he gets even less. Today he ate a container of baby bananas mixed with peanut butter, about a tablespoon of clam chowder, some ranch dressing, Cinnabon frosting (yes, please!), some licks of McDonald's french fries, a container of pear oatmeal baby food, some queso off a chip, and half a greek honey yogurt. To all the mom's out there - that may not sound like the most nutritious day, but were giving Jack whatever he will take. And you probably also notice the trend of soft food, nothing crunchy. That is one of the main things we hope to work on while here... more texture. Jack needs to eat a chip or something!

Jack traveled the nine hours in the car pretty well. We stopped for some mall walking, in which Jack had to say "hi" to each person that passed by. He watched a few Elmo's World and Baby Einsteins and that seemed to help pass the time. He also napped twice. Overall, he is not his normal self, but what can we expect? He is hungry and off schedule.

Jon and I are exhausted, but excited for our first appointment at 9 tomorrow morning. We will meet Jack's team of specialists that will take care of us for the next two weeks. Jack went into the wean at 23 lbs. 6 oz and he will be weighed throughout to make sure he isn't loosing too much.

The Ronald McDonald House is in a really good location, minutes from Seattle Children's. It's an older building, but has pretty much everything we need. I do have to say that we were sure spoiled at the Missoula Ronald McDonald House, which was newer and nicer than a lot of hotels we've stayed in. But, for location and saving some money, this will work just fine. Plus, the people here are so nice and supportive.

I will try to update tomorrow evening after we get through our first out-patient day. Thanks for all the nice comments on here and Facebook and for all the texts and emails. They mean so much to us.
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Shannon said...

Glad to hear you made it and that Ronnie had a spot for you all! We'll be sending out hungry vibes for Jack and keeping you all in our thoughts in the coming days.

Blalock said...

Praying for you to have peace and for Jack to eat! Love you much.

Jenny said...

Yaaay!! You are off to such an amazing start. Veggie Straws from Whole Foods and Smart Puffs are easy to crunch and swallow, but you know that.... I'm so excited for you all!!! Say Hi to Karen from us!

James M. Hahn said...
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Nicole said...

We got back from Seattle 2 weeks ago with my daughter, was life changing! I am looking forward to reading your journey with Jack to eating! It sounds like he's doing great already. I'm praying for you guys. Tell Karen hello for us!