Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gramps and Grams

We are spending a few days in another town with Jack's gramps and grams. Jack loves to show off to them. He is always trying to catch their attention by a "hi" and a huge grin. Jack calls gramps "cheeks". So he is always saying cheekssssss, cheekssss, cheekssss. The whole cheeks thing started because gramps would say "touch your cheeks, touch your nose, and touch your eyes".  I guess the cheeks just stood out.

Jack gets lots of exercise with gramps. They are always working on walking, standing, and stretching.

Jack was super excited to see the great, big patio out back. He had to get out there and check things out!

Don't let that look fool you. Even though he was feeling a little tired, he was still loving it out there. It was beautiful weather and we saw more signs of spring than we have yet. A bit more green. A bit more color.

Jack was loving the fresh air.

Spending time here is special and Jack especially enjoys his snuggle and relaxing time with Grams.

We are all feeling under the weather unfortunately, but are still trying to enjoy our time. For those that pray for us, would you please pray for our health? We just ended Jack's RSV isolation, so it's always a little nerve-wracking when Jack catches a cold. Pray that he will kick this little cough to the curb! Regardless, we've already had a couple adventures and are preparing for a big, no Jack, adults-only trip at the end of the week if everyone stays healthy. Jack will stay behind and get some extra love and attention from the people who do it best. Thank you, grandparents!
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Julie said...

I love grandparents! So cute that Jack calls your dad "cheeks" ... I wonder if that will stick? :)

Enjoy your week (and weekend!). Can't wait to hear about the food, the shopping, the hotel...etc!