Sunday, May 1, 2011

From the Mouth of Babes

This morning at church I was in charge of taking pictures of each kid for a Mother's Day art project. The kids lined up and I went down the row and snapped a close-up of each, trying to catch a smile. The pictures are going to be put on a fun art project they were painting.

While this was happening, Jon was on Jack duty. He was letting him practice walking in the spacious hallways and foyer with his walker. Jack was having a blast, flirting with anyone with blond hair (yes, he has a thing for blonds) and zipping his way around. As I was taking the pictures, a little girl saw Jack down the hallway and asked "why's he using that to walk?" She was asking me, because I was the only adult around. A boy next to her, about 8 years old, not knowing I was Jack's mom, piped up and said "well, he was born really, REALLY early, without any muscles". Very matter of fact. This answer seemed to satisfy the girl. I thought quick to myself - good answer! and nothing like honesty from the mouth of babes... and then I said "yeah, that's about right... he is using that walker to grow BIG and STRONG muscles."

He's always been our little Superman

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Julie said...

I love it. A reminder that kids are innocent and satisfied with simple answers.

Lindsay said...

Aww, I love this story. :)