Friday, April 22, 2011

Walkers - Not Just for Old People

Jack is mobile! Just typing those three words gives me chills. We have dreamed and hoped for Jack to be able to walk since the day we learned about his significant brain bleeds while in the NICU. We had no idea what to expect in regards to development and we didn't know if Jack would ever be able to move his limbs, coordinate it all, and have balance. But we did hear over and over again about the brain and how it has this amazing elastic ability to rewire itself. If a certain part of the brain is damaged, other areas can compensate and retrain movement. It takes so much work, but we are feeling confident that one day, our boy will walk.

I snapped a couple pictures when Jack first tried out his walker. His facial expressions are hilarious!

He has since gotten way more excited in his walker once he realized he could chase daddy around. Here's a picture we snapped with a phone. We were visiting Jon at work, going up and down the long hallway.

 Go Jack, go!!!!!
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Julie said...

Those pictures cracked me up. Love his expressions! Before you know it, he'll be performing toddler antics of his own.

Emily Real said...

Ahh!! Look at his expressions! Trying soooo hard! Go Jack, go!

Anonymous said...


Look at him! He is doing such a good job! He facial expressions are so funny. I feel like such a lame sister in law because I read your blog all of the time but I never comment. I don't know why. I think you are such a good writer and your posts are always so fun to read. I don't think Jack could have any better parents. You guys are doing such great job with him. He is a really lucky boy! I can't wait to see you and Jon in New York! -Lizzy

Lindsay said...

Yay! :)

Shannon said...

That is so incredibly cool! You can just see the determination bubbling up out of him. Great to see him up and moving.