Friday, April 29, 2011

No Elmo

This morning I really wanted to watch the royal wedding coverage. I am a sucker for things like that. Jon rolled his eyes at me as he walked out the door to work. I wasn't expecting Jack's reaction.

Before you get all mad at me for subjecting my son to hours of wedding coverage, I have to say...

This photo wasn't taken this morning.  I wanted to post this picture, because it's exactly how I imagined Jack would react. I couldn't resist. Jack in a full-on scream, mad about who knows what. With a single tear rolling down his cheek. Oh the drama! I took this a couple mornings ago when nothing was making him happy and I couldn't figure out what he wanted. Welcome to "the terrible two's" where tantrums happen daily. I expected this sort of reaction to hours of royal wedding watching.

But his actual reaction was a little more subdued.

At first, not really paying attention as the future king and queen were arriving at Buckingham Palace. Just relaxed, chillin' out.

Then something made him turn towards the T.V.

Maybe it was her gorgeous dress.

And he continued to watch all the arrivals to the palace.

See, Jack... a morning of no Elmo is quite alright.
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Jenny said...

Indeed!!! This was the best wedding coverage yet!

Julie said...

Cute! No elmo is okay, although I didn't watch any wedding coverage...I did see some pictures and her dress was gorgeous!

kepler09 said...

Your pictures looked just like our house yesterday morning. Andrew kept signing "hat" when he would walk past the tv because of all the ladies with the beautiful hats on!

Lindsay said...

I'm glad that Jack was won over to the "dark side" of watching royal wedding coverage too! ;)