Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mr. Jack Goes to Washington...Err...I Mean the State Capitol

Today is the last day of the Montana legislative session. Jon has been working at the capitol since January and today was the first time we got to visit him. Jack and I were pretty much in heaven.

 My favorite boys.

Kisses. Jack always gives kisses on the shoulder.

Jon wanted to introduce us to some of the legislators that always ask about Jack. While we were waiting around for them to get to their chambers, someone snapped this actually pretty good family shot. Thanks to whoever that was!

And then something quite awesome happened. An older security guard came up to us and asked if we wanted a to get a picture, actually on the House floor. Now this isn't quite legal... kind of breaking the rules, because Jon is a lobbyist and isn't allowed on the floor right before they have floor time. But we couldn't say no! We ran right up to the front really quick-like and got a few great shots of Jack, sitting in charge, looking over everyone getting ready for debate and votes.

And of course we had to get daddy in some shots with him.

Then there was more time to mingle... a little meet and greet.

And some touring around the beautiful capitol building.

We had the best time and had to take a breather before we went walking.

Capitol Walking

A wonderful day at the Capitol.

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Babs said...

I love it!! Great shot of Jack walking!

Julie said...

Love love love these photos! Especially the ones where Jack and Jon are looking at each much love in those ones. Yay for a great Sine Die!!!

Shannon said...

Great photos! That first picture is crazy - they are like two peas in a pod!

Jenny said...

Awesome post!!! Jack is sunshine incarnate, I so can't wait to meet him someday! Heath borrowed a Gator like that for awhile, now he's in a yellow Crocodile, a little narrower wheelbase but basically the same. Thanks for so many great photos, Jack is a looker!