Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Snapshots

This would be Jon's favorite dessert - angel food cake, out of the box. I made him one for Easter.

And he loved it.

And yes I snuck a few bites.

My mom and dad came over on Saturday to celebrate Easter weekend with us. The weather was gorgeous and we took advantage of getting out of the Clancy compound.

We went mall walking.

I am seriously so proud of our boy. It took him about one hour to get the hang of the walker and now we can't stop him! All he wants to do it walk, and I don't blame him. And he looks like such a little boy now, not a baby. Such an exciting time in our life.

We then went to the bakery and ate outside. The sunshine was glorious. After seven months of freezing cold winter, the temperatures finally made it over sixty degrees.

Yes, The Hand is still making an appearance.

After lunch we bought this. Couldn't resist.

There are still a couple pieces of this Earl Grey cake waiting for us in the fridge. So. very. good.

And we picked these up on the way home.

My absolute favorite flower.

And then some more window time. Jack could do this for hours.

Wait. Who's there?

Jack spent lots of time playing with Gramps.

And we went on a walk around the neighborhood.

The Hand, again.

Easter morning we all went to church. Unfortunately, I only got one picture - the one I snapped with my phone. Still, we felt so blessed to be able to go to church together, as a family.

Then back to the house we went for more play time and Easter baskets!

Jack went for it!

He got lots of fun goodies from Gramps and Grama (and Grama's friends, too!)

Our Montana boy.

And then some cuddles from Grama.

Our beautiful boy.

I love, love, love my boy. He brings us so much joy.


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Liz said...

You have got to post some video of Jack walking. I can't wait to see him in action!

Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures, Jessi! He looks so grown up walking with his walker! It looks like you had a blessed Easter.

Julie said...

He does look so grown up...I kinda got a little teary! Love his adidas. :) Great pictures and so happy you had such a good weekend. If I was close, I'd be at your house to eat a piece of that Earl Grey. Love me some Earl Grey cake!!!!

And the Daisy puppy was a hit, looks like!

Emily Real said...

Look at him going going going on his own! I never thought mall walking would be SO exciting! :) Beautiful photos, Jessi! Too many to comment on, but I especially love the series of three with Grama! Sigh...I love your blog!

Kylie's momma said...

GREAT post Jessi! I think I loved the pictures of Jack going to town at the mall. Priceless! Always cherish those times of snuggling with Jack to sleep. They go all too fast. Thanks for sharing your blog with me XoXo.
PS> Your blogging has inspired me to start mine again.
Someday soon I hope our Kylie can meet Mr. Jack! Let me know if you two ever make it up for the Gov's cup in August :-)

Jessi said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Yes, we will be at the Gov's Cup in August!... will you be working the hole in one? :) And Kylie is sure a cutie. We will definitely have to meet up!

Lindsay said...

Great photos and stories!