Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 29

Day 29: A picture that can make you smile

Of course I can't keep this post to just one picture. So I went through my pics and just uploaded whatever made me smile...

lovely ladies helping me out with my bridal shoot, post puking...
um yeah. these, my favorite women, are super heroes for saving my beautiful dress while I lost my lunch.


Happy Father's Day!

new Christmas present

We've got some cute nieces and nephews

Early morning Mt. Ascension hike... miss my hikes

Kay was excited when the fire truck came

this ones makes me giggle... didn't quite get the right size chairs


cutting a rug

everyone must sit on Santa's lap

ahhh summertime

ring shopping!

love my mom

Jon's 30th bday celebration

 ring bearer for my bro's wedding

4th of July and Daisy wants some cake

yes, matching shirts


these are all out of order, but isn't he pretty much  the most stinkin' cute kid ever?!!!

this one too

He has now had at least 4 haircuts

anything for some bubble tea

or pizza

Jack in the Box
Lots of smiles today...
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Shannon said...

What wonderful photos! I needed a smile today. Thanks, Jessi!

Julie said...

So fun! I especially loved the twinsies one. And the matching shirts.

Emily Real said...

Those are awesome! I forgot you puked that bridal shoot day, ha ha. (You seriously were the most gorgeous bride.) Such fun pictures!

Babs said...

How fun!! I loved it.

Lindsay said...

These ARE fun! I loved your pics, Jessi.