Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am blown away by those who give their energy, strength, and lives to others. I count it a privilege to have met so many amazing people through Jack's experiences. One of them is Shannon and her beautiful family.

I found Shannon (or she found me, can't remember) through her blog called Chaotic and Comfortable. Shannon and her husband have adopted two special needs children, a boy and a girl, and have been working for a few years on bringing another precious girl into their family. What a daunting and long process!

I love the description of her blog:

Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan. Sometimes you find yourself on a road you never imagined you'd travel. Sometimes it can scare the pants off you. This is the story of how our little family came to be, continues to grow and how we (attempt to) manage the chaos.

Great, huh?

Their daughter, Marissa, has some of the same health issues as Jack and they are around the same age. I read that she had surgery this morning for a shunt revision. And this is around her "twenty-something-ish" shunt revision surgery. This breaks my heart. Surgery, specifically on shunts, is the worst. It's a very delicate surgery on the brain stretching down to the abdomen and has a lot of interconnected parts. I am praying for her today... would you join me?

And I just noticed at the top of Shannon's blog page is a tab designated for each of their children. You really should click through each to learn more about them. I am so inspired by this family!
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Shannon said...

Oh, Jessi - you made me cry, darn you!! Thank you, although I maintain that we are just a regular family loving our kids like anyone else would! Thank you for the prayers and support - we sure need them.