Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun Weekend

After this morning's post, I thought I should lighten the mood and journal the super fun weekend I just had.

On Friday afternoon my mom arrived for the weekend. A few months ago I found out that the Pioneer Woman was going to be in Great Falls. I immediately snatched up some tickets and called my mom to see if she could watch Jack that evening, which she could. And not only was she able to be here Friday night, but could stay the whole weekend!

So after my mom got here, I picked up Jon at his office and we headed to the event. We had a couple hours to spare and squeezed in yummy Mexican food and then Starbucks. Yay! And can I tell you how much I LOVE the new Starbucks mini-pastries? I had the chocolate peanutbutter cupcake. So. Good.

Then we made our way to Ree's speech and book signing. She is wonderful. Exactly like I imagined she would be. She speaks exactly how she writes. So witty and down to earth. The crowd loved her. I saw a few friends who made the trip. They looked like they were having a good time, too.

Her blog is a regular stop for me, so I feel like I know a lot about her life on the ranch. And her cookbook is AMAZING. Some of our favorite, easy recipes come out of that book. I gave six of those cookbooks away at Christmas, that's how much I love it. On Friday I picked up a few copies of her new book "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels". Can't wait to read it! We left right after her speech. I heard she signed books for three hours. Although I would have loved to meet her, we wanted to get back to be able to say goodnight to Jack.

Saturday was a shopping day for my mom and I. I absolutely love shopping and she is my favorite shopping partner. I always laugh when my mom and I head out to Helena stores to go "shopping". It's basically going to Target and maybe a couple other places. After lunch at Silverstar (can't get over how yummy their Asian Salad and Sesame Salad is) we went to Frayed Sew, which is actually quite the fun little handmade boutique. I bought two rings, which are super cute.

Saturday evening Jon and I got to go on a second date, which is really unheard of in these parts. We went to dinner AND a movie. It has been years since we have done that. Dinner was at the Windbag and then we saw "The Adjustment Bureau", which I thought was great. Can't go wrong with anything Matt Damon.

Sunday morning we were all feeling pretty lazy. We just relaxed and all hung out together. Late morning Jon and I took advantage of our last couple of hours with a babysitter and headed out to breakfast and then Walmart. Third date?! Very romantic. We had breakfast at the Early Bird, which I guess is a Helena institution, although it was our first time. I had a pancake (so good) and Jon had biscuits and gravy (equally so good). And it was super cheap, too. I think my pancake cost $1.75. Seriously! We love diners for breakfast. Nothing like a greasy, stick to your ribs kind of meal for a late Sunday morning meal.

Then my mom had to head home. It was the best weekend we've had in a long, long while.
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Lindsay said...

I'm glad that you and Jon were able to get out on the town, Jessi! It sounds like you had a perfect weekend.

Julie said...

Sounds awesome! Isn't it funny how appreciative one can be when going out together on a Friday night isn't a regular option? :) So happy you had such a fun weekend!

Brandi said...

Fun! I saw the Adjustment Bureau this weekend also. I loved it!

Babs said...

Great weekend! I loved the Pioneer Woman. And, was amazed that she agreed to sign EVERYONE'S books. 3 hours?! Sheesh. Now that you are taking a photography class are you totally stalking her photography page? I am. So glad that you and Jon got some time together (did he like PW?)!

Jessi said...

Yes to both questions. I love the PW photo contests and I think Jon enjoyed the event... at least he didn't seem bored :)

daria said...

What fun! I'm so glad you were able to have some adult time!