Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dumpling Night

Last night Jon made Asian dumplings for dinner. I should preface this by telling you about the Bennion family tradition of cooking gyoza (Japanese dumplings) for family get togethers. Around the holidays, this is almost always on the menu. Dumplings are a pretty laborious, step-by-step endeavor, so it helps to have many hands stuffing the dumpling wrappers. The family spends a couple hours in the kitchen making a dinner of these pork dumplings, vegetable tempura, and steamed rice. Everyone helps out. It is such a yummy and fun meal.

Last night, Jon started by mixing together the dumpling wrapper dough. We normally use store bought wrappers, but Jon has come up with a pretty spot-on recipe. The dough has to rest a bit after mixing, so it was a good time to chop up some ingredients - ground pork, scallion, ginger - and mix that with soy sauce, red chili flake, corn starch, onion juice, garlic juice, and salt and pepper. And you can now get all these ingredients in a normal grocery store. No need to go to an Asian market.

some of the ingredients


I should take this time to point out Jon's love for Kikkoman soy sauce.

don't even try a substitute

Next Jon rolled out the dough using a pasta press

look who is watching!

The flattened dough is the cut out into it's signature circle shape


Around this time Daisy came into the kitchen begging for some love

happy girl

And then Jack chased her out of the kitchen

watching daddy cook

Jon begins to fill the dumpling wrapper with the pork mixture.

And then he folds it


isn't it pretty?

Then he mixes up the dipping sauce - soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, chili flake, scallions, sesame seeds.

It's now time to cook the dumplings. After a quick saute in the pan for a crispy bottom, the dumplings are steamed and then ready to eat!

These dumplings are delicious.
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Julie said...

I love the step by step. Kinda felt like I was reading PW. :) Also you forgot to mention the step where Jon washed his hands after petting Daisy. :) Jack is so stinkin cute in his intent observation of Daddy...maybe another chef? Your pictures look great, btw! That class is working!

Emily said...

Those. Look. Amazing!

Shannon said...

YUM!!!!! Oh, and I could look at Jack all day - how do you get anything done?

Babs said...

Yum! And it looks like you are having fun with your new camera!