Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 17

Day 17: a picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently

the promise of spring

February has to be the hardest month for me. Grey, dark, dreary, brown, snow, yuck. When the calendar turned from February to March, I allowed myself a sigh of relief. Spring is on it's way.

My whole mood has lifted. I can literally feel it. The hint of spring and seeing GREEN (or the even the promise of green through old pictures) always does that to me. In Montana, the month of March is still very wintry, with even a few snow storms thrown in the mix. But today there was sunshine and warm enough temperatures that I opened a window. It was heavenly. Even right now, as I type, I hear birds chirping outside.

Today I'm dreaming about our backyard, filled with a row of perfect tulips...

and I am excited for the next few months. I'll be getting in shape and flexing my muscles. I'll be taking some classes to learn knitting and photography. I am joining the worship team at my church. We're getting ready for our first outing as a family after cold and flu season which will take place on Easter Sunday. It will be such a momentous occasion, with so many emotions it's hard to describe. I'll be pinching myself and thanking God that we FINALLY made it through two cold and flu seasons of isolation. I cannot wait! We're also gearing up for an adults-only trip to New York with Jon's family and then a two week intensive for Jack at Seattle Children's Hospital where (hopefully) he will become an eater.

All this has definitely lifted my spirits and made a huge impact.

I am also observing Lent for the first time this year by following the prompts from this website.  So, so very excited about this and the impact it will make on the next 39 days of my life. It's such a special, reflective time in the Christian calendar and I'm craving some tradition.

Most of all, I just want to see some green. I want to know that all things are becoming NEW. I want growth and meaning. Please, if you hear anything today, hear this - seasons change. Time moves. You are not stuck in the cold sameness.

Goodbye cold, dark winter months. Hello spring.

front yard lilacs, June 2010
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Julie said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I needed to read those last few lines. And I love the lilacs picture!

Lindsay said...

I'm also looking forward to spring, but I know not as much as you! You've almost made it, Jessi. :)

Emily Real said...

Seriously, you have a gift for blogging, Jessi! The simpleness yet significance of being able to open a window...that seasons change and I am not stuck in cold sameness. That is a good word! (And by the way, I'm so excited for your exercising, knitting, photography, worship team happenings!)