Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 5

Day 5: A picture of your favorite memory

wedding day. May 29, 2004
Day 5 coincided perfectly with my winter project - scanning all my old photos. Seven years ago, they didn't have this fancy thing called "digital photography" or it wasn't used much at that point. So I have been scanning, scanning, and scanning some more. Our wedding pictures were shot by a close family friend, Mark Bryant, who is (in my opinion) the best photographer in the state. He is amazing. I don't think he does weddings anymore, but you can check out his other cool projects here.

Our wedding was a dream come true. I don't say that lightly or cheesily (is that a word?). The day was everything I'd ever imagined and more. It was beautiful. We got married in an old church in downtown Missoula. The same church, actually, that "A River Runs Through It" is based on. It has gorgeous stained glass and is very traditional - just our style.

The day was especially cold for a late May wedding (I think high of 50's), but it was good because those old churches don't have air conditioning. We got married at four in the afternoon with a crowd of 300 of our closest family and friends. It went off without a hitch. And the reception was yummy and joyful. Just perfect.

I always tell Jon and that our wedding was exactly what I wanted and dreamed of. He agrees. It took lots of planning, but we loved every minute of it! Because this day is definitely my most favorite memory, I can't just leave this post with one picture. Here is a glimpse into our perfect day... click on any photo for a larger view.
getting ready, beautiful women calming my nerves

lookin' sharp

With my brother, Bryce

I love my mom

beautiful bridesmaids
I love my dad
simple and meaningful ceremony
on our way to the reception
cake by A Place to Ponder. bottom to top layer: white cake with raspberry filling,
chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, lemon chardonnay, and carrot cake all covered in buttercream.

Got a great shot of all of Jon's family. A large replica of this picture hangs in Jon's parents house.
It makes me smile.

my parents

Leaving on our honeymoon to Paris

nieces and nephew bidding us farewell

And we lived happily ever after...

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Lindsay said...

Aww...I love love. Your wedding pictures ARE gorgeous, Jessi. Personally, I think you have the best bridal hair I've ever seen, and I love your classy white bouquet. In fact, I think your whole wedding has a timeless feel, because 7 years later, it looks like it could've been this week. Good job on the wedding planning! And I'm happy for you and Jon, still so in love. I'm glad that this is your favorite memory. :)

Emily Real said...

Jessi, you were seriously the most beautiful bride!!! (And I don't say that lightly or cheesily!) Love love the pic of you and Jon in front of the beautiful stained glass window. <3 Such great memories...what an amazing day!

Julie said...

I agree - your hair is perfect and you are stunning. And you guys look young! :) Everything is beautiful and I want one piece of each layer of cake, please.

Alyssa said...

Those are seriously the most beautiful wedding pictures I've ever seen. Beautiful. What wonderful memories. I love that church too! :)