Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 4

Day 4: A picture of your night

Jack watching daddy cook, February 2010

Evenings are pretty chill at the Bennion household. Jon comes home from work and he usually whips up something yummy in the kitchen. We just hang out, talking about our day. Sometimes I am his sous chef.

Evenings are also the time where I get to leave the house, but during the winter, I don't have much desire to get out in the freezing cold. I'd much rather spend time with my little family. Jack gets lots of attention and play time in the evening, sprinkled with lots of kisses and hugs. It's a precious time.

Once we eat dinner, we usually get Jack ready for bed. We then end the night with some quiet time, checking emails, surfing the web, watching a show, or reading a book. I love evenings in the Clancy compound.
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Julie said...

Sounds pretty much like a night around here when Cory's home. :) I treasure these times...especially knowing that activities, later bedtimes and homework will fill up our evenings in the years ahead.

Jessi said...

So very true, Jules.