Friday, February 25, 2011

A Change of Scenery

jackpants = crabbypants

Jack and I are going on month six of cold and flu isolation. As usual, it has been really hard. I can tell it is starting to affect Jack. He is crabby and whiney. Poor boy only sees his mom and dad and never leaves the walls of our home unless to the doctor. It is too cold to be outside (-20 this morning). All this isolation, so he can stay healty, has been worth it though. He had a small cold last winter and a pukey virus once this winter. I'd say that's pretty darn good.

But I can tell he really needs social interaction. And so does his mommy. I was talking to a friend last Sunday at church. She was telling me that she only left the house a few times that week and it was driving her crazy. I realized that it had also been quite a while since I had been out of the house, a whole seven days in fact. Ouch. Seven whole days. That is a really, really long time to be inside.

So this weekend we are having a change in scenery. We are headed out of town and not a moment too soon. I can't wait to get into our car and on the road. What a freeing feeling. I'll pick up on the picture challenge when we return.

This weekend also marks the halfway point of the legislative session here in Montana. My husband is working up at the Capitol and now that he's halfway done, I'm allowing myself to get excited about all the adventures we have planned for the month of May (trip to New York with Jon's family, Jack's 2nd birthday, and two weeks in Seattle for feeding therapy)... getting so excited!

I'm finally seeing an end to this tunnel. It has been hard, but it's almost over. A change in scenery is on it's way...
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Brandi said...

That would make winter so long! Even longer than normal with these freezing temps! I am glad you get to get out! I hope it warms up for your adventure!

New York??? Fun!!!

Hope to get together soon! Let us know when we can come see you! We will be out in a flash!

Julie said...

So happy you get a change of scenery!!! This weather has been hard...can't even get outside for a walk to the mailbox. Praying you have a rejuvenating time!

Julie said...

And YAY for halfway through!!!! If this was a normal year for us, we'd go out for dessert to celebrate!

Emily Real said...

Even crabby, your boy is adorable! :) I love that he's talking to himself... xoxo