Tuesday, February 8, 2011

31 Day Picture Challenge

My good friend, Julie recently completed the 31 Day Picture Challenge. I absolutely loved seeing her pictures and posts and looked forward to reading her blog each day. She even blogged about me one day and I can't even begin to explain how much that post encouraged me to "keep on keeping on". I learned quite a bit about Julie that I hadn't known before. She is such a wonderful person. It was great!

So I'm going to attempt this challenge. I can't promise that it will be done in 31 consecutive days, but I will try! Here goes.

Day 1: Picture of yourself with 10 facts

                                    By the Temple of Heaven. Beijing 2007

Fact #1 - I am kind of a loner and home-body
Fact #2 - Regardless, my husband and I love to travel. We have a list of the countries we want to visit, ranked in order.
Fact #3 - I love chips and guacamole
Fact #4 - I have wanted to adopt internationally since I got to see close family friends adopt their beautiful daughter from South Korea. I was so impressed by this, that I even brought her to kindergarden show-and-tell.
Fact #5 - My favorite Christmas gift this year was a throw pillow from my mom. It is made of the most beautiful green and blue upholstery. I actually picked it out at a craft fair in Missoula, but my mom insisted on buying it for me and wrapping it for Christmas morning.
Fact #6 - I went for a full year without eating sugar, except fruit. I have never felt better in my life! But alas, I love baking too much and dream of working in a bakery. This is like oil and water.
Fact #7 - I'm a sucker for textbooks
Fact #8 - Photos are my most prized posession. In a fire, I would run and grab my photos! Ok... also my little pink bible that I stole from my mom in highschool so it would take up less room in my backpack (went to a private Christian school for all 12 years).
Fact #9 - I hate steak
Fact #10 - My favorite activity is laying in the grass, during summer, reading a good book.
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Julie said...

YAY YAY YAY! Thanks for your sweet words. I think you will enjoy posting as much as I did and I look forward to reading them, whenever they appear. And I already learned some new things about you. :) You can do it!

Kelli said...

I am completely with you on #8! Photo's are so fun. I'm also with you on #3 & 4. Actually, international isn't as important to me. I want to adopt a child with disabilities. My favorite site for that is adoptuskids.org. (I may have remembered that wrong). And, last but not least, where would you like to travel?

Babs said...

Green grass. Sunshine. You're killing me.

Katie Oz said...

oooh. I like this idea! looking forward to your next post :)

Emily Real said...
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Emily Real said...

What a fun thing! Can I steal the idea from you both? :) Now I want to go look through all my pictures! Can't wait to see all your pictures, Jessi (and like Julie said, whenever they come...no pressure. :) )

Jessi said...

Steal away, Em!

Sharee said...

About #6- Have you heard of Agave Nectar? It's an all natural sweetener that is better for your blood sugar than real sugar. It's still high calorie, but since it's sweeter than sugar, you use less of it. I can get you some recipes if you want to try to go off sugar again!

Jessi said...


Send me some recipes when you get the chance - jessi.bennion@gmail.com