Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prayers for Gia

When Jack got his feeding tube (g-tube), we entered some uncharted waters. We didn't know any other baby with a g-tube or feeding issues in our community. It was kind of a lonely and scary place. In fact, even Jack's therapists admitted to us that no one in the whole state of Montana specialized in feeding disorders, something so very common in micro-preemies and children with compromised health. So I did what any other parent would do. I took to the Internet to find some info and hopefully get some support.

One family I met along the way is parents Doug and Daria and their children, Anna and baby Gia. The crazy thing is that Gia was actually a fellow Missoula NICU graduate, along with Jack, in the summer of 2009. I vaguely remember this family. Jack's incubator was towards the back of the NICU and in order to get there, we had to walk by all the other incubators. I remember seeing this adorable little girl with brown hair (Anna) visiting her baby sister (Gia).

It wasn't until a year later that we got connected via Facebook. Turns out Gia also has a g-tube, and they share our same passion and desire to get our kids eating and eventually, tube free!

The most exciting thing is happening right now - Daria is in Seattle with Gia to begin an intensive 2 week tube-wean at Seattle Children's Hospital. I am so very excited and anxious for Gia. I am asking that all my blog readers join me in praying for this beautiful girl. There is much physically and psychologically that happens during a wean. Please pray specifically that Gia will stay healthy, that she will feel hunger and eat with abandon...  and just go for it!! Pray that the therapists and medical staff will have wisdom, and that mama Daria will have the strength and energy to get through this grueling time. It is not an easy journey.

I am following Gia's tube-wean very closely, because it looks like we will be making our own trek to Seattle Children's in May for the same intensive. I pray that both Jack and Gia can join the eating crowd and get rid of (once and for all!) their tube dependency.

If you want to follow more closely, check out Daria's blog: The Mochinto Report

P.S. Isn't the blog photography lovely?
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Daria said...

Thank you Jessi! I really appreciate it! This summer we will have to get the kids together to EAT! :)

Jacqueline said...

Friends of ours who you may know, Tim and Melissa Kern in Helena, have baby Hope who has had many health issues including feeding problems. Currently she is also on a feeding tube and they are hoping to wean her. Hope is almost 8 months.

Emily Spitzer was on associate staff with Tim and Melissa for Chi Alpha. She could connect you guys if you were interested. I know Melissa could use the encouragement.

Hang in there. You are a wonderful mom!

Jessi said...

Yes I believe I met Tim and Melissa when Emily was working here in Helena. I would love to connect with Melissa... think I will try to find her on Facebook :) The more we help each other out, the better! Thanks!