Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Snapshots of Summer

Summer needs to slow WAY down in my opinion. I am not looking forward to when Jack isolation begins again. I am trying to enjoy these sunny days and not think too far into the future. We have certainly filled our days up with lots of travel and fun. Here are some snapshots of what we've been up to (in no particular order):

Trip to Utah (wedding and vacation)

Missoula Farmer's Market (literally my most favorite thing about Missoula)

Celebrating 6 years!

Showing Jack off to my friend of 20+ years, Emily

Enjoying our lilacs

Jack hanging out with his best friend, Gary

Eyepatch - not that Jack loves it, but I will always remember this summer as "eyepatch summer" where Jack has to spend every other day wearing an eyepatch for 3 hours. It is strengthening a weak eye. He sure is cute, isn't he?

Trip to Leavenworth. Here is where we stayed... I am still dreaming of it!

Hanging out with friends

My friend for life, Heather, came all the way from Virginia for a visit!

Lots of time in Missoula

With Deaette

Favorite family shot to date!

Trying out the new swing at Grandma and Grandpa's

4th of July in Butte, America

We also just got back from a family reunion in Wyoming! It was so much fun to hang out with Jon's mother's side of the family (Winterholler). I got to meet some of Jon's aunts and uncles that I have never met before and many of his cousins. He has such a big family (and this was only half!). We spent lots of time talking and generally eating a whole bunch, which is definitely something the Winterholler's are known for. Jon loves to cook and he gets that from his mom's side. Here are some of my favorite shots:

Our immediate family standing on the plot of land where Jon's parents are building a second home.

My boys

First time in the water

Boat ride!

Sweet Grandma Alys

Loving the swing


Some of Jon's siblings

Famous Winterholler breakfast

Growing up, Jon always said he wanted to be mayor of Warren, Montana. It's right by the Montana/Wyoming border and if you blink, you'd miss it. When we were driving through there last weekend, I got this great shot. I would totally vote for you, babe!

Here's to 2 more months of summer! I'm praying for lots of fun, health, and special memories made.
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Lindsay said...

Awesome pictures! It looks like you've had a truly great summer. Thanks for sharing, Jessi!

Julie said...

Looks like you have been having so much fun...after a long winter, I'm glad you are able to be out and about. Jack is so stinkin' cute - I especially love the boat ride picture. And I would totally vote for Jon. :)

One eye wonder dog said...

Great photos, great fun & great family times.........

Kathy said...

Luv, luv, luv all the pics - especially seeing Jack so smiley and adorable. I really love the picture of you and Jonathan together too. Hugs to both your boyz from Aunt K.

Kim Pace said...

I totally remember you and Heather - joined at the hip! I remember where you guys always sat on the bus. :) It's great that you are still friends!

Emily Real said...

Love it! My favorite part of your favorite family picture to date is the random old guy right in the background. ;) Looks like such a fun summer!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


Heather Pressley said...

I just found your blog and began reading it from day one today. Just wanted to say that second picture from the top with him in the cap is adorable!