Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's already June?

I meant to blog about our trip to Utah and never got around to it. Sorry! It was a great time. I really didn't want to come back to "reality" here at home. I don't have time now to go into detail of the trip, but I can tell you that we ate lots and lots of great food, shopped and shopped (at least I did!), atteneded a family wedding, and celebrated Jack's 1st birthday. It was the perfect trip. I could live in Park City, Utah or Salt Lake City and be just fine. It was so beautiful and even though the trip wasn't as restful as I wanted (it was go, go go the minute we got there) we still really enjoyed ourselves.

These past few weeks have flown by and honestly, I have lost the urge to blog. I'm sure it will pick up once Fall comes and I am stuck in the Bennion Bubble again. For now, just know that we are all doing well. Jack is in therapy 3 times a week (on top of other Dr. visits). He is working, working, working, on feeding, learning how to sit up independently, roll over consistantly, and hopefully "crawl". He probably won't crawl in the normal way, but will scoot place to place. He has weakness in his left side that especially affects his left arm. He can't put weight on that arm or hand, so he probably won't crawl in the normal way. He even might skip that stage altogether and head straight to walking, which I'm sure will take him LOTS of work.

I spend quite a bit of time online looking at my favorite micro-preemie websites and now the new world of tube-fed children. Wow! Cannot believe all the info out there. I am already researching tube-weaning and maybe a month or 2 of intensive feeding therapy for Jack in another state. We'll see what happens.

It has been fun seeing how a month or so of good nutrition has already helped Jack. He is starting to babble and string lots of different sounds together. He is also actively playing with toys, being inquisitive and checking them out - reaching and grabbing for them. He really didn't do that before. The Dr. told us he would make leaps and bounds with his development once he started physically growing(food in the belly), and we are starting to see some big and fun changes! One not so fun change has been his new ability to show us that he doesn't like or want something. He can even get pretty fussy, which is new for Jack. He spent the whole hour of physical therapy last week crying and fussing! I was laughing the whole time and thinking, if your father could just see you now... seems Jack likes to act up when daddy is not around! I am thankful for that though, because he is showing the full range of human emotion, which cognitively is a great thing.

This weekend Jon and I are taking our first adults only trip to Leavenworth, Washington. No Jack or Daisy! I am very excited and slightly anxious about this. Jack will be with my parents and he can be a handful with all his meds and feeding through the g-tube. He is a great sleeper though and I am just going to try and relax and not call them 10 times a day!! We are staying at this AMAZING bed and breakfast called Abendblume. Very, very excited about that! We didn't plan much and hope to just rest lots and enjoy some stress-free days.

Hope you all are well! Happy Summer!
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Blalock said...

What a wonderful update. So glad that you two can get away for some relaxation time! Leavenworth is beautiful. A small taste of Bavaria. :-) By the way, I'm really hoping to catch up with you in the next couple of months. I'll be spending more time in MT since Jack is deploying again. Maybe I can finally get to meet Jack in person.

Julie said...

Have a great time in Leavenworth! And your mom will understand if you do call 10 times a day. :) So glad that Jack is doing so well!