Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jackpants!

Have you ever had one of those years where you just felt like you had aged a lot? That is what Jack’s first year of life has been like. Jessi and I both feel like we’ve put on 10 years over the past twelve months, but Jack’s changes have been more than noticeable.

He started out on May 15, 2009 as a 1 pound 2.4 ounces baby born four months early. His eyelids were still fused shut, his skin was more like a delicate plastic wrap, and his legs were skinnier than my pinkie finger. He made two little squawks at birth, but he was quickly silenced by the ventilator that would breathe for him over the next two months.

A year later, Jack is a cheerful, energetic baby full of life. I’ve been around a lot of babies over the years, and I’ve never met a happier boy. We feel blessed that we can now celebrate his birth and life rather than think back at a time when days were filled with horrifying developments.

The road to get to where he is today has been rough to say the least. Four months in the Missoula NICU, seven surgeries (including one two weeks ago to give him a g-tube), dozens of doctor visits, cranial ultrasounds, monthly RSV shots, more than six months of strict quarantine in our house, and much more.

As I look back on those first pictures we took, it’s hard to believe that tiny baby is the 14 pound smiling boy I can now hold in my arms free of ventilators, oxygen tubes, probes, and IVs.

BTW – we did have a small celebration for Jack this last week, but we are planning on having a larger celebration this summer along with his dedication at church. We hope many of you can make it.

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babs said...

Yay, Jack!!

Julie said...

I LOVED the pictures...brought tears to my eyes, especially the one of him in the hat. What an amazing God we serve.

Holly said...

happy birthday indeed, jack! it's amazing to look at how far he's come this year. The Bennions of Clancy are an incredible family!

Brandi said...

When I read about little Jack all I can say is WOW. Pictures are incredible and tell his story perfectly. What a happy 1st birthday indeed. We love the little man so much and cannot wait until the day we get to love on him and play with him.
All our love.

Your friends,
The Powell's

Leah said...

We are so happy for you all!! Happy birthday Jack!

WWW said...

I'm here at the MSAE convention. Some folks remember I was here last year and had to leave to go to Missoula to see our boy. From those first dreadful days to the joy we have now is a remarkable change. We love you, Jack!

Blalock said...

What a beautiful, beautiful boy! And what a wonderful testimony to God's amazing power.

Lori said...

What a beautiful story and a beautiful baby boy!

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joven said...

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Bret and Heather said...

just seeing this and LOVE it :] simply amazing!

fozia said...

I am in tears after watching him.
what a lovely boy.
God Bless him, health, wealth and all the happiness throughout his life long.