Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Type of Font Are You?

Here is a super fun personality quiz and surprisingly, I felt it "got me". Make sure to type in your name at the left and scroll down to click "enter" to get the quiz to start.

Do you feel like the font chosen represents you?
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Justin and Crystal Billing said...

Fun! That was right on for me too. :) (last name of Bill, fyi)

Barbara said...

What font were you? That was very interesting.

Jessi said...

Not to get too analytical... but I actually took the quiz twice. The first time I did it really fast and chose my answers quickly. I was Corbusier Stencil, a font that I think looks super masculine.

When I took the quiz a second time, I think I answered more honestly (or maybe I have multiple personalities and choosing between 2 options was hard!). I was Mariana Script.

I think it really depends on my mood, but I really like both the fonts.

Lindsay said...

I answered honestly (emotional, understated, traditional, relaxed), but I really hate my font: Plastica. Oh well! That was fun, and you have to give props to a guy wearing a paisley tie! :)

MaleficentVixen said...

Wasn't right on for me though. Hard picking asswell in the question.
But loved the website!
And nice to take the quiz

Lori said...

I totally stole this!

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