Friday, February 5, 2010

Eat Jack, Eat!

When Jack was in the NICU in Missoula, there was a guest speaker/minister who was visiting our church in Helena. Jack was coming up on some pretty big medical procedures and our church had been so awesome about devoting time during the Sunday morning service to give updates on Jack and to pray for him.

This particular Sunday, the guest speaker decided to take some time during his sermon to pray for Jack. I'm pretty sure the guy wasn't American, but I can't remember where he was from. Anyway, during the prayer he asked the congregation to repeat in agreement the following - "grow Jack, grow!" and "live Jack, live!" We got a picture sent to us on our phone that Sunday of the speaker praying for us, and it really meant a whole lot. At that point, we didn't know if Jack would even live and he desperately needed to grow in size and strength. To hear that someone, who didn't even know us, would take the time to care and pray during his sermon, really stood out to us. The cool thing is that we have heard similar stories of people all over the world praying for Jack (in Africa, Asia, etc).

I have been trying to get a particular prayer request out to the world again by telling friends and family, but I also thought this blog could help. Jack REALLY needs to eat. And eat lots! He is at risk for a permanent feeding tube, but we don't want that! Please pray that Jack's tummy will tell his brain "I'm hungry" and that he will begin to eat and grow like we have never seen! It is scary to watch your child struggle with weight gain and wonder if he is being malnourished. I know many micro-preemies struggle with this very thing, but I still think that people's prayers can work! Please join with us in saying "eat Jack, eat!"
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Justin and Crystal Billing said...

Amen. Eat Jack eat. May our Heavenly Father hear our prayers and send His hand. This little cousin of mine, may he be big and strong.

Thanks for the post update.


Blalock said...

Praying that Jack would eat, that his body would efficiently process nutrients and that he would grow and thrive.

Liz said...

I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. We will definitely be praying that Jack will eat and grow. The pictures of him are so cute. He is one smiley boy. Thanks for the update.

Tami said...

Eat Jack Eat!!! Praying for Jack!

Barbara said...

Eat, Jack, eat!

Lindsay said...

C'mon little Jack, you can do it!!! :) Praying for you all today!

Lisa said...

Hello, you don't know me but I am a friend of Julie's. I have a confession: I have been reading your blog for awhile now, to follow what's going on with your baby. I know that's sort of weird, and I apologize, but I just found Jack's story (and yours!) very moving and so I kept reading. Anyway, I know this comment is a little delayed, but this post made me think that perhaps you would want to know that someone you have never met is praying for you and Jack (due to the blog). I hope he's doing better and eating lots! Again, sorry if this is weird.

Jessi said...

Hey Lisa,
It totally made my day to read your comment! To know that you have cared enough to pray, even when we've never met, just means a whole lot to me! Each day that passes, I am amazed at how Jack is not only touching my life, but others. So cool! I keep thinking about this necklace I want - .... our little ones are really worth it all. Ok, enough rambling. Thanks for reading!!!