Friday, December 4, 2009


Friday - what a great day! The weekend is upon us and everyone has an extra spring in their step. Well, at least we do here at the Bennion household. I especially like weekends because I get to spend time with Jon and get extra help with Jack. I also plan time outside of the house, which is such a huge deal these days. When you only leave your home 2 times a week, it is seriously a big event!

Since my brain seems to be dead these days, I am stealing this (again) from another blog. Here we go - Random Tidbits:

  • Jon cooked the most AMAZING Thanksgiving meal ever. Seriously. Yum. It was epic.
  • Some of Jon's family got to visit the day after Thanksgiving... no black Friday shopping for me, thank you very much! I don't do well with crowds and getting up at 3AM. Anyway, back to Jon's family - his mom and dad came as well as his siblings, Christopher and Emily. After asking them a dozen times "are you sick?, have you been around anyone sick?, have you taken your vitamins?" we were safe to allow them into our home. We had a great time and Jack loved it! He definitely can tell when someone new is around him. His eyes get all big and you can tell he is listening intently to new voices. It was also neat because both Christopher and Emily had visited Jack in the NICU, so they got to see first hand his growth and progress.
  • On Saturday, after a quick coffee with a friend, I was able to hit the road for an overnight trip to Missoula. I went to attend a close friend's wedding. Miss Kendall Joy Powell(now Kendall Rader) was getting married and she was beautiful! Well, she is always beautiful (think Miss Teen Montana beautiful!), but she just radiated as a bride. I am so glad I got to be there. I also got to spend a little time with my best friend from growing up, Dylan (who is Kendall's brother and the guy in the picture below). He is doing some awesome things with his life - almost finished with his Physician Assistant graduate program and has the coolest wife, Brandi and cutie pie daughter, Addison. I love them!
  • One perk of going to Missoula was Christmas shopping... and boy did I cram SO MUCH shopping into my 8 hours of allotted shopping time :) I had it all mapped out - what stores to visit and what gifts I needed to get. I absolutely LOVE giving gifts. It brings me much happiness. So, it has been extra hard to not get out and shop this season. The good thing is that I got a lot accomplished in Missoula and can do the rest online (on a side note: Jon has been working on the most AMAZING gift... he has put countless hours into this gift and I can't wait to give it to our families! I will blog about that more later... don't want to ruin the surprise).
  • When I got home, we decorated for Christmas! It looks so much better in our home with a Christmas tree. Well, 2 trees. I love cold winter nights, in my PJ's, with a lit Christmas tree. Love it!
  • On Wednesday night I went out to dinner with some friends to the Windbag. Apparently this place has quite the Montana history and is a local Democratic hangout... funny we were there! It was such a fun night, though. I got a BEAUTIFUL scarf from Rebekah and enjoyed some great food and drink. It was a good night and I am so thankful for good times, spent with friends.
  • Jack got more medical supplies delivered today from the home health people. I had no idea (before Jack) that this world existed. That there were companies that deliver oxygen, nasal cannulas, oxygen tanks, feeding tubes, syringes, monitors, etc. to people who needed it. It is just a completely different world than I ever thought I would be living. It is hard, but is makes me appreciate life so much more. Anyway, he is now fully stocked on his oxygen needs for the next few months.
  • One of my great loves in life is music. I feel very creative and inspired just by listening. Here are my current favs - The Killers (this obsession has been going on for quite some time) and the Kings of Leon (new obsession, but oh so great!). There is nothing like taking a road trip and listening to great music. Especially if the road trip does not involve going to the hospital or Dr.'s visits. Jon and I have planned 2 very exciting trips for when flu season is over. 1) to Park City, Utah in May (coinciding with a wedding) and get this... 2)to Seattle for a U2 concert! I told myself in high school - if U2 would have a concert near me, I would be there. So far have seen them twice and they do not disappoint. Very, very excited for this concert! This picture is of the stage. Crazy, huh?... cannot wait!

There you go. Random Tidbits from Clancy, MT. Have a great weekend and TGIF!

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Brandi said...

Great post! I love your random tidbits. Jack is looking amazing. All big and strong in his bumbo! Your trees are beautiful! See you soon!

Julie said...

Love the random tidbits! I really liked the pic of Jack next to the turkey. :)

Blalock said...

Wonderful blog. :)

Lindsay said...

I love the pictures! Your trees look beautiful, and it's great to see Jack in a bumbo! That means he's growing and getting stronger- yay! :)

Barbara said...

Yay, Jessi! I loved this post. It is great to hear about you and what you are up to. And the picture of Jack and Daisy Sue is the BEST! And, I love your Christmas trees. They are so beautiful!

katieoz said...

Jack is such a stud :) Love seeing how you guys are doing!

Seems like Highschool was FOREVER ago...just ran across some pics of all of us at the Jr/Sr banquest our Jr year. so funny :) My, how times change, ay?