Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Lesson in Thankfulness

A couple posts back I decided to start keeping track of the little and big things I am thankful for. Since November 1st, I have been diligently writing these things down and have had quite a lesson in thankfulness. I really needed it. It's easy to get stuck and solely focus on the hard, stressful things of life. It's much more fun and uplifting to take the time and think about the good stuff going on... and seriously folks, there is a lot of good going on!

Here are some highlights of my Thankfulness Journal from the past 3 weeks:

  • Out of the blue emails about how Jack changed someone's life - or what I call "put a smile on your face emails" (by the way, these emails happen quite frequently and I compiling them for a scrapbook).
  • Cuddling with Daisy Sue in the early morning once Jon leaves for work
  • Jack's big smile when he heard Jon's voice (Jon had just come home from work, walking up the stairs)
  • Fun coffee date with a friend, even when I am feeling down.
  • My wonderful mother, helping out while Jon is on business (hanging out, baking, watching trashy t.v., getting coffee, just having fun)
  • Good pediatrician visit, Jack weighed 9lbs, 5oz!
  • Yummy baking book given by my friend Emily (huckleberry cupcakes with lemon frosting!)
  • Getting to sleep the WHOLE night while Jon stayed upstairs with Jack
  • Pretty new sweater from Jon from H&M
  • Nicely groomed Daisy Sue
  • A sweet scrapbook made by Julie of my shower... with notes written by everyone about Jack
  • Good Dr. visit in Missoula
  • Going to a play with a friend and then to dinner with more friends
  • Candy's baby shower - lots of fun and she loved it!
  • Jack's 6th month B-day - he is a miracle and I am reminded of it everyday when I read the forums on my preemie support group. Thank you, God, for his life!
  • That Jon made it to San Francisco and that he gets much needed rest and of course, yummy food and time with his sister (even though I can't be with him).
  • Small group party - good friends... sad to say goodbye to the Swanson's, but thankful for the good memories and many more to come!
  • Again, some great presents from Jon while he was away
  • Weekend at home, together.... so thankful for our home
  • Jack is eating so well and is getting stronger. Holding his head up and grabbing at my hair...ouch! but oh so good!
  • Skippin' out on church and going to the Doughnut Hole :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Barbara said...

There is a lot of joy in this life. I loved reading your list. Thank you for sharing! Have a superfantastic holiday!

Julie said...

What a great list!! Just one question...why didn't you take me with you to the Donut Hole???? :)

Also, the cookies you made for last night were amazing. :)

katieoz said...

I'm so glad there's been good to lighten the dark there can be at times :) love reading all this and keeping up with your family! That is SO COOL that Jack is getting so big! 9 pounds!