Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Tidbits

My friend Julie blogged the other day about the random things going on in her life. I feel like I could blog about a million things, but random stuff is so much more fun! So here goes:

1) I had an AMAZING baby shower last weekend. Everything was decorated with Superman stuff and colors. We call Jack our little Superman because he is just an amazing fighter, surviving things that most could not. In the NICU, his incubator was decorated in Superman stuff and he always went into surgery with his Superman cape. So when they decided to decorate everything in a Superman theme, it was just perfect! The shower was so nice - yummy food and good friends equals a great time! Some even shared how Jack inspired them and it was great to sit back, and reflect on his amazing life - he is such a miracle! Oh and we were spoiled with wonderful gifts - thanks, friends!

2) I am in love with sweet potatoes! Or is it yams? Either way, I could eat them all day long. There is a great breakfast/lunch place in Missoula called the Hob Nob. They have the BEST sweet potatoe fries. What makes them even better is their amazing mustardy dipping sauce. I have been dreaming about those fries since I got back to Helena. Last night I baked a sweet potatoe in the oven and topped it with butter and brown sugar. Perfect dinner. Yum!

3) Motherhood - who knew you would be so hard? I was on the phone yesterday with my sister-in-law, Liz. I was asking her about how she does it all (clean, feed, and take care of her kids) and still stay sane. She has 4 awesome children that are doing great. It is very inspiring. I struggle just to get my stuff done during the day and I only have 1 kid! I told her how I had to make a schedule to even motivate myself to clean the house. I feel like I am using parts of my brain that have never been touched and it is all so foreign to me. Sure, give me a 30 page paper to research and grade or a new program to launch and I am in heaven... but when it comes to cleaning my house and taking care of Jack, I am lost! Motherhood is sure hard. Maybe it comes easier to some? I used to roll my eyes at most moms (and still do sometimes), but it truly is a hard, different job. I'm sure it will take me some time to figure out...

4) Orphan Sunday - I am passionate about this. Always have been. My friend Emily is a campus pastor at Carroll College. She is introducing Orphan Sunday to her students this year. Such a cool concept and what she is doing for those students is great! Orphan Sunday is November 8th of this year. I am considering what I can do to help.

5) Is anyone else excited about Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office tonight? I am!

6) I think Fall is officially over in Montana. Boo! I am sad because the season seriously lasted only 2 weeks. Fall is my most favorite season and it has been snowing all week. Our beautiful tree in the back is already bare twigs. No pretty yellow and orange leaves to look at. Ugh. And to top it all off, this weekend is supposed to be FREEZING cold. I mean single digits, people! Not good.

7) Lame. The word "lame" is officially my most favorite word to use when describing anything I don't like, things that are annoying, stupid, or just well, lame. It is such a good word. Not lame at all.

8) I love my church! You know that song lyric that says "you don't know what you got, till it's gone"? Well that is so true with church! I used to try anything to get out of going. Don't know why, really. I mean, I loved seeing friends and meeting new people... not to mention hearing a great sermon or being able to worship. Anyway, for some reason I would drag my feet each Sunday morning. I would usually beg Jon to skip church and just go with me to brunch (nothing like late morning breakfast with a yummy espresso!) or to stay at home and watch the Food Network. I was such a bad influence. But now that I can't go when I want to, and have been gone for so long, I really want to go and miss it when I can't! Jon and I have to switch on and off each week so someone is always here with Jack. I was bummed last week when Jon walked out the door on Sunday morning, leaving me. I am happy because this is my week to go to church. Yay! Never taking it for granted again.

9) I LOVE Jack. He brightens even the darkest day.

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Kim Pace said...

I know what you mean in regards to motherhood. I struggle with it and wonder how everyone else seems to be so composed - with a clean house and everything. My house certainly isn't clean, though not filthy. It is very hard for me. And I don't know how I'm doing what I'll do with 3 kids close in age! Oh, and Fall in MT is my fav. season too. It's not the same in OR. But that's ok. Good luck! pe

Blalock said...

Jessi, don't sweat the clean house thing. Focus on enjoying Jack, the rest will begin to balance itself out. Something that I heard at the Women of Faith conference a few weeks ago, really struck me. Marcus Buckingham shared with us and two things struck me; 1 nobody multi tasks well (I always felt that I had to and be a good Mom, but he's right!) 2. focus on your strengths. For me that meant letting go of my guilt over not having the laundry folded and put away immediately. I always have piles of clean clothes in the laundry room and empty drawers in the rooms! It was kind of crazy, once I let go of those two things, I found that there was freedom to enjoy my day and as I found more mental peace, I was able to accomplish more. Don't know if that makes sense and I've written way too much to make this a "comment." :) Give yourself more credit for the amazing job that you are doing. Close your eyes so that you can't see the clutter and cuddle your precious little one.

Barbara said...

I love the random posts! They are so fun. And, I can't even begin to imagine how overwhelmed you must be, but I know that you are a superfantastic momma!

Julie said...

Yay for random tidbits! I really liked yours. Not that I'm adjusted to motherhood, especially staying at home, but I found it was easier after the first few months! I don't think you're feeling anything every mom out there hasn't felt! And I loved the part about Orphan Sunday! I had no idea...very dear to my heart also.

And in my opinion, sweet potatoes are lame. ;)