Wednesday, October 21, 2009


When we feed Jack before bed or early in the morning (note: Jack has started to sleep through the night!), we normally go into his room to be able to sit in the comfy lazy boy/rocking chair. We have our Ipod deck right next to that, playing soothing, calm music. I really cherish these times with Jack, even though I am usually exhausted! After he is done eating, we cuddle and rock him to sleep.

Last night was the first time I heard Jewel's new release called Lullaby, since we finally put it on the Ipod. Such a great gift for a baby shower, or even to put yourself to sleep :) It is simply beautiful. Amazing vocals and mostly new material. Here is what another listener had to say

Even though this is a children's album, Jewel's Lullaby is also enjoyable for wiser folks. Jewel has the perfect voice for this genre of music, everyone says she has the voice of an angel - I have to agree!

Even if you don't have kids, I think this album is a must-have. Such a smooth, relaxing, and beautiful listen.

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Julie said...

YAY for sleeping through the night! That is GREAT! Hope you guys can begin to catch up. I'm definitely going to check out the Jewel Lullaby.

Barbara said...

I heart Jewel!

katieoz said...

that is so so so wonderful that he is sleeping through the night! for all parties! YAY!