Friday, September 25, 2009

RSV is scary!

This post is exactly what I have been wanting to say about our hermit lifestyle and the reasons why we can't be in public with Jack. RSV is scary for our son and is one of the reasons why we are keeping him close to home until the late spring. A good read if you are curious!
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Julie said...

RSV is scary! You have to protect your baby...I think people should definitely understand this. Oh, and supposedly has great deals and will ship diapers and other baby necessities to you, which will limit your trips to public places.

Sharee said...

I saw this link on a friend's FB page:
It's an analogy of a preemie's lungs compared to a full term infant's lungs, using trees.
It will be good to show people who still just don't get why you have to isolate yourself right now.

Blalock said...

Keep him close. :-) You shouldn't have to explain that to anyone!! If you need anything, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law are in Clancy and they'd be more than happy to run errands for you.