Friday, September 11, 2009

Jack Turns Zero

Howdy all, I don't usually write in the middle of the week, but just wanted to share some extra cute pictures of our little boy that just turned "0". Today was his due date, but, as you know, Jack had different plans for his arrival. Almost three months since his arrival, he is right around five times his birth weight.

May 15th will always be his true birthday, but today is an important day as well. Just because Jack is almost 4 months old doesn't mean he should be doing things that regular four months olds do. Today we start calculating what is known as his "adjusted age," which takes into account his true age from a developmental standpoint. Six months from now, he'll have his first development check-up with his neo-natalogist to see whether he can do things other half-year infants can do.

It's all a little confusing, but we're just glad he has pulled through this rough first patch of his life. I've attached a few pictures of a little "birthday" party we had for him in the NICU. Notice the candle that has a nice "0" on it.

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Tami said...

Happy Due Date Jack!!! Did your mommy and daddy let you have a taste of that big ole cake they brought in?

It's so good to see you growing, getting stronger, and more handsome! I bet it won't be long before you get to go home and see the room mommy and daddy fixed up specially for you!


P.S. I LOVE that y'all celebrated his 0 birthday - too sweet.

Julie said...

In every picture you look so serene and loving and beautiful Jessi - like you are finally right where you wanted to be! You're a great mom!