Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clancy Life

Jessi here... back to blogging!

We are home. Kind of. The past 2 weeks have been eventful, joyful, scary, and just plain exhausting! We had a scary moment when Jack had to be readmitted to the hospital. He just would not eat. This is a common problem for preemies and we were taught (finally!) how to feed Jack with a tube. So, if he decides to only eat half of his bottle, we have the option of putting the rest in the tube to his tummy. This is not a permanent tube, so we had to learn how to put it down his nose or throat (gross!!!) and make sure we got it in the right place. Never, ever thought I would be doing stuff like this.

Because of Jack's feeding issues, we are beginning our journey of speech and occupational therapy right away. We want him to excell at eating (like his parents!) and having to fight 8 hours a day to get food in his precious tummy was just no fun. I am anxious and excited for him to begin this new journey of therapy and growth!

We also had some scary moments when we found out Jack's shunt might not be functioning right. Lots of trips back and forth to Missoula ensued. I am sick, sick, sick of going back and forth! Guess where we get to go next Monday? You guessed it - Missoula, zootown, hippieville. These trips often make us wonder if we need to move to a bigger town with more medical support. We'll see.

This back and forth makes us absolutely LOVE our time in Clancy. Jack is not the typical newborn, but I am sure many of you have experienced the long, sleepless nights of a newborn. Take that exhaustion and add the medical component and we are offical zombies. We are cherishing it though and I am enjoying my days of feeding, changing, and bonding with Jack.

This post was not actually meant to be an update about Jack. I guess it just turned into that. When your life focuses on one thing, and one thing only for so long, it is hard to branch out. I am getting excited, though, to begin this fall season of living here in Clancy. I have many projects up my sleeve and hopefully a fun girls trip in the midst. Clancy life might not be that glamorous or what Jon and I experienced through the first part of our marriage. Believe me, when Jon showed me the hotel he is staying at during a business trip to San Francisco, I must admit a few tears were shed because I would not be going with him this year. Ugh.

But the positive, wonderful, beautiful thing is that Jack is home and alive. He is our baby, not the NICU's. We are a family. And that is worth much more than any other adventure I could have.
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Julie said...

Jessi -

I love your attitude! I would have cried about the hotel too. It looks amazing. So glad Jack is home and you are settling into a new normal, as exhausting as it may be! Hang in there and let me know if you need to borrow any books or Real Simple magazines!

Blalock said...

Jessi, you are an amazing person. We will continue to pray that Jack would grow strong and healthy.

Food Gal said...

You are so brave to be going through all of this. And you do it with such grace and dignity. Best wishes to you, the hubby, and baby Jack for a future free of worry.