Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Baby Gear!

We feel Jack's hospital discharge fastly approaching! We have no clue, however, if it will be the beginning of September or end, so we have just decided we need to be ready. This means baby gear shopping which is so much fun. We have been doing this all online since it is way easy and usually you find the best deals.

Here is what we got - Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel System (we saw some other parents at the NICU with this brand of car seat/stroller and they were the first to tell us it received the "Consumer Reports" best buy award. It is for 4lbs. to 30 lbs., so fits preemies really well and last longer than other infant seats. Before babies leave the NICU, they have to pass the car seat test - where they're put in the seat and vital signs are watched for 3 hours. If they dip too low in oxygen or have an episode of apnea and bradycardia they can't leave. Hopefully Jack will pass this important test with flying colors!

Uncle Bryce and Aunt Kay also blessed us with some $ to get other essentials for our sweetie pie, Jack. It is Chinese tradition to spoil a new baby and boy do we feel extra spoiled! We chose the Carter's Cuddle Me Infant series of bassinet, swing, and bouncer. Can't wait for Jack to be able to use all of this fun stuff!

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Julie said...

I love it all!! Baby gear is so much fun to buy...overwhelming with so many options though! Praying Jack passes the car seat test (he'll probably beat the record!) when the time comes! You made great choices. I'm still planning on the diaper bag/changing pad combo so let me know what you are thinking, if you still want it!

Jessi said...

oooh YES! Would love the diaper bag/changing pad! I really liked the black and white idea or brown and blue. I am not too picky and I know it will turn out great! Thanks Julie!

katieoz said...

that is such beautiful gear! so fun! you guys deserve to have some fun, I'd say!

Ashley said...

It is hard having the baby earlier that expected in terms of being ready with items for the baby room to diapers and bath time. We were planning the baby shower for August and when I ended up in the hospital the beginning of July that went out the window. So now it's on us or go back for a baby shower. But we keep hearing rumors of going home within the next few weeks. Guess we'll wait. Thankfully for us a lot of people have donated the essentials. Glad you had fun shopping for Jack!