Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jumpin Jack Flash

A few days ago, Jack's day nurse was minding her own business until she heard some wailing in the direction of his isolette. Jack does, in fact, cry from time to time, but these cries were a little more shrill. She decided to take a peak and see what the fuss was about. When she lifted the isolette covering, she was shocked to see Jack pressed up against the side of the isolette and not too happy about it either. Somehow he had jumped out of his pod, rolled him self over at least once, and wedged himself at the edge of the incubator. And we thought only six month old full-term babies could roll over. Translation: "Get me a new box."

On Friday, Jack took a big step forward in his development. Now that he's about 4 and 1/2 pounds, he is able to regulate his own body temperature fairly well. This has allowed him to move into his new box - an open crib. No more of that incubator business. This also means Jack wore his first set of clothes this week. It makes it a lot easier to pick him up and hold him, and also smell when he needs a diaper change.

After going almost a week without tapping fluid from his brain ventricles, the doctors feel pretty confident that Jack will need a shunt to deal with his hydrocephalus. We are hoping he can have it done at the same time as his hernia operation, which will likely be the week of August 24th. It would be nice to get the two-for-one special since it will require him to be back on the ventilator once, and just one recovery instead of two. His eyes have remained stable, so we are hoping he won't need surgery on them.

Jessi and I are both stressed and excited about the prospect of taking him home soon. Some nurses speculate it could be within the next three weeks, which would be right around the time he was supposed to be born. Most of it depends on how far the surgeries set him back and whether he can go for a long period without apnea and bradycardia (A's and B's). Today he is three months old. We are so pleased with his development and growth. Check out the two extra cute pictures we attached. Jack's days in the NICU are numbered!


P.S. The "Jack Unplugged" picture was taken right after a bath, and it looks like he's ready to deck the nurse taking the picture. Not too happy, but that's just the fight in him. The "Jack - 3 month" photo was a surprise from a night nurse for his 3 month b-day.
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Brandi said...

He looks so great. Like a chunky little boy ready to go home!! I can't tell you the joy we feel reading that he is doing so well. Every time it brings tears to my eyes. So happy to think he may be home with you so soon. What an amazing gift. Keep kicking butt and taking names, Jack!!

He is adorable! Can't wait to hold him and love on him someday soon!

Whitney said...

Thanks for the updates! They are so positive and he is doing so well! The pics are adorable!

Whitney said...

Thanks for the updates! They are so positive and he is doing so well! The pics are adorable!