Friday, July 3, 2009

Jack Sprat Can Make Some Fat

If you have been following Jack from his skinny beginnings, you'll know that he's always looked like either a tiny package of skin and bones or a puffed-up, swollen bundle of excess fluid. Although his weight fluctuates up and down from day to day, his general trend is to grow by a few ounces a week. Today he weighed in at a monstrous 2 pounds 13 ounce - just 4 pounds shy of his old man when he was born. When I came back from a four day work trip, I was also surprised to see that our baby boy may actually be producing a fat cell or two. He's far from having those nice belly and leg rolls many babies have when they are first born, but a little insulation around his body will help greatly on a number of levels.

Jack also had a falling out with CPAP (the graduated breathing thingamajig) last weekend. After a five day whirlwind relationship, he decided to go back to his old flame, the ventilator. The CPAP was just too much work - you know, high maintenance. Over the last two days, however, his ventilator settings have gone down considerably. I think he's ready to move on and break things off once and for all. There are rumors that he may rekindle his romance with CPAP within a few days, if not today. Let's hope it's true.

The doctors have also been treating Jack with some antibiotics since his tests have shown that an infection has showed up again. Infections are very common in preemies since their immune systems are unable to handle a lot of what get's thrown their way. The last infection he had is one that is common in soldiers returning from Iraq. They are still trying to identify what this next one is and how best to treat it. We have been told that preemies born as early as Jack have a tough time for at least a year, which means he may not be able to go out much to public places or even have many visitors. When he is able to leave the hospital, we may become the hermits of Helena (actually Clancy).

The last bit of news is that Jack has a hernia. Just about every boy born as early as he was will have a hernia show up before they leave the hospital. Doctors usually don't operate on it until they are close to going home. For Jack, that could be two to three months. Surgeries are always a big deal, but it's nothing new for Jack. There are still more he may need for his brain, eyes, bowels and more. I think I may inquire at the hospital if they are giving any surgery deals this month. Maybe a buy four get one free bargain? Perhaps a surgical punchcard to allow him to gain "preferred customer" status at Community Medical Center? Bonus mileage on my frequent flyer account? Even though Jack likes to hold his breath, I won't be holding mine on that prospect.

Hope everyone has a Happy 4th!

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Whitney said...

Bring back the CPAP!

Jessi said...

Guess what? We think Jack has finally moved on from the vent to CPAP for good. He has just been doing great these past few days with his breathing. Yay!!!