Monday, July 13, 2009

Isn't Jon a GREAT Writer?!!

This is Jessi writing this post. I have been absent since Jack was born because for awhile, things were just too overwhelming for me to even think about blogging. I have a feeling that once we get back to Helena, and things slow down and become routine with Jack, that I will pick it up again.

Isn't Jon such a great writer? I think he needs to start working on another book. Just plain talented. Also, I thought it would be fun to post my daily routine. Many have asked "are you bored being in Missoula?" or "what do you do all day... sit at the hospital?" Here is my schedule:

4:00 AM - wake up for  pumping (yay that Jack can eat real food these days!...  pumping is quite the process and takes about 20 min total with clean up and proper storage). Back to bed.

8:00 - wake up already??? pumping (I also use the pumping time to focus and pray for Jack). Eat quick breakfast.

8:30 - get ready

9:30 - go to hospital for first visit of the day. Get the update on how Jack's night was. Talk with the Dr. and his nurse. Ask questions like "how many A and B's did he have"? (meaning - how many times did he forget to breath and turn a horrible grey color and needed a nurse to gently shake him awake?) "how are his feedings? Is he digesting all the milk? Did he poop?" etc, etc.

11:00 - pumping

11:30 - lunch (craving Starbucks mostly but must eat proper and balanced meal so Jack has all the vitamins and nutrients he needs, right?)

Noon - errands that consist of getting gas, groceries, filling prescriptions, etc.

2:00 - pumping

2:30 - 2nd visit to the hospital. This is my most favorite part of the day - the time I get to hold Jack for 2 whole hours!!! If he is doing well, they encourage skin-to-skin holding or "kangaroo care". This helps with Jack's development. I also try to talk and sing to him when he has his eyes open. Most of the time, this lasts for the first 20 minutes, then he falls into a deep sleep all cozy and warm. Yay! :) I also have been able to give Jack a bath and usually change his diaper, take his temp, and just do general stuff like that.

5:00 -  pumping

5:30-8:00 - NICU closed for nurse shift change. I usually grab dinner and take some time to relax on my parent's awesome patio. Thank goodness for the wonderful, warm weather and beautiful Missoula evenings!

8:00 - pumping

8:30 - Last hospital visit of the day. Lately, Jack has been doing well, so sometimes we get to hold him for a 2nd time. This works out great if Jon and I are both in Missoula because then we can take turns. Jack has a different night nurse, so we get filled in on anything new with Jack's care. Mostly, we cherish the quiet hours of the late evening and spend time bonding with our baby.

11:00 - pumping

11:30 - check email, facebook, read a book, etc.

12:00 or 1 AM - exhausted and good night!
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Brandi said...

YES!!! I love reading Jon's updates! He is such a great writer. Well, you both are really great writers! Thanks for keeping us all updated and letting us be a part of Jack's development! You have quite the day! Pumping...uggghhh!! I hope it is going well for you.

See you all soon!

Julie said...

I absolutely love Jon's emails and I tear up pretty much every time. And thanks for the update on your day...I am sure the absolute best part is when you get to hold him!

Whitney said...

Kangaroo care and your time spent praying for Jack sounds beautiful. You are doing a great job providing him everything he needs to grow big and strong....GO BREASTMILK! Thanks for the update!

Barbara said...

Yes, Jon is a really great writer and has such a wonderful sense of humor. But, I have to be honest, it was so great to read your post and hear from you. I'm sending you and yours positive energy every day.

Debbie said...

You need to keep this journal...and even make copies of it. What an awesome journey thru the beginning of your precious son's life. Definately a keeper!